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Read from the roofing manufacturers not to pressure wash at my info website below. 1st off, the least eco friendly thing involved with roof cleaning, would be to cut the roof’s life in half, putting twice as much asphalt, tar, metal etc in the Earth at landfills! Englewood, Venice, Rotonda, Punta Gorda, North Port and Port Charlotte, Florida roof cleaning companies are claiming to use green, environmentally friendly roof cleaning methods and treatments lately! It’s the new fad! Charlotte and Sarasota County Florida roof cleaning companies have been way overstating their green and environmentally friendly, safe status. Personally, I don’t like seeing Florida roof cleaning contractors promote themselves as using eco-friendly, green roof treatments when in reality, most use treatments such as Sodium Hydroxide, copper napthenate, zinc napthenate and zinc chloride on Florida roofs. I guess some will say anything to show up on a Google keyword *GREEN, ECO FRIENDLY, BIODEGRADABLE, ROOF CLEANING ETC* search! Inevitably, these companies complete the roof cleaning by firing up their power washing machines. Simply because, that’s what it takes to make the roof look clean without using common chlorine to kill and remove all agae. These new “green sales” chemicals can not remove black algae from roofs on their own. As a side sale, they sometimes put on a heavy metal chemical treatment, sold separately as a roof-ontheside-side preventative treatment. I do not see the environmentally friendly roof cleaning aspect of these chemicals? So, Is it really “GREEN ROOF CLEANING” ? Our good reputation in Charlotte and Sarasota County, Florida speaks for itself. I am also an RCIA certified roof cleaner! We follow the recommended non pressure *SOFT-WASH roof cleaning chemical suggestions of the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association. ARMA Not the salesman’s “no bleach”, safe for plants and pets, biodegradable, non toxic, […]

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