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Recent years have proven to me that homeowners are concerned about the environmental footprint they leave with their homes. Fact is, if we all do a bit more to make our lives more green, it will have a huge impact. A home’s roof is a major component of that home. It makes sense to look for ways to choose a roof that is friendly for our environment. We believe that metal roofing fits that bill better than any other roofing material. One big key to this is the sustainability of metal roofing. Unlike other roofing materials, a quality metal roof will not need to be replaced every 15 – 20 years. A quality metal roof should last at least 40 – 50 years and be capable of being repainted at that time in order to last even longer. The energy efficiency of metal roofing is also key. Combined with proper attic insulation and ventilation, I do not know of a better residential roofing material choice than metal when it comes to summer energy efficiency. Additionally, many metal roofs have high recycled content. Steel and copper roofs have about 35% recycled content while aluminum is 95% recycled or even more. There is perhaps no bigger way in which we as consumers can close the recycling loop. Finally, if a metal roof is ever replaced, it is 100% recyclable. That simply is not the case with most other roofs which become landfill at the end of their useable lives. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsBenefits of Green Roofing – What are The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Green Roof? GardeningWater Quality Benefits Green RoofingA Higher Purpose – Benefits to Human Health and Education Through Green RoofingHow to – Why a Metal Roof? Part 4 True Green Roofing Reno NV (775) 225-1590Metal Roof […]

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