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If there’s nowhere else to put it, pile it right on top! That’s the philosophy behind urban green roofs, which add much needed green space to otherwise uninv… Related PostsGreen Roof: Music City Center| Volunteer GardenerKids to build box city that include green roof initiative elementsCarson City New Roof (775) 225-1590 True Green RoofingCity Hall in Chicago green roofGreen Roof on Dayton’s City HallCool Roof Technology Green Net Shading Screen


Green Roofs


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  • Michael Lawson 5 years ago

    @N1CKF3D Yes it is, at the surface of a black tar roof in the summer. I
    have worked on those roofs, and I believe it can get that hot on the roof
    when the air temp is about 90 F.

  • Kevin Kim 5 years ago

    that girl at 0:40 is soo hot

  • N1CKF3D 5 years ago

    @snakemanmike Ah I see. When she said that I thought she was saying that
    the typical temperature anywhere in NYC mid-day in the summer was 185

  • timoth041191 5 years ago

    mon sujet de BTS ! putin vous faite chi

  • brokenarrow2222 5 years ago

    i’m in love

  • GabStone70 5 years ago

    @timoth041191 t’as qu’

  • Earth+ 5 years ago

    Probably green roofs will be unavoidable in the future…

  • slightlymooshed 5 years ago

    where are all the people?

  • timoth041191 5 years ago

    mon sujet de BTS ! putin vous faite chi

  • Hellaciousoutlaw 5 years ago

    roof tops are the best I am trying to build one where do you get the plans
    or how do you design these ???? nics garden you have

  • MistressACrowley 5 years ago

    I want to build a rooftop garden!

  • N1CKF3D 5 years ago

    wait the typical is 185 degrees? wtf? nyc isn’t that hot.

  • spamdude060 5 years ago

    maintaince stopped me from having a green roof, saying it’s a “fire hazard”.