A hour spent on a green roof in the southern suburbs of Athens, Greece.
Wildlife and nature abounded amongst the aromatic herbs and non native plants. The roof was ‘seed’ balled with herbs and plants from the mountain in the distance. Although it was autumn many flowers were still in blooming. A good example of how green roofs in ‘hot/dry’ climates could solve not only heat and temperature issues but also connect nature back into the city.
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Greek Green Roof 1

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  • Captain Coco

    What a great idea especially in Athens. I love Athens I go once maybe twice a year and it's a wonderful city. Over the years it has become quite a green city with new trees and plants popping up over the city. But let's do more for Athens let's make it greener!!!!! There is an abundance of wildlife in Athens especially in the suburbs so let's encourage that biodiversity into the main city too. I enjoyed this video.

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