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Where I, Dylan of Atlas Obscura, talk about the Great Green Wall of Africa, a environmental protection project of unprecedented scale! New videos about unusual, wondrous places every Tuesday & Thursday. Subscribe Yonder – Credits for this Episode: Related Postsबंजर होती जमीन को बचाएगी यह दीवार [Great Green Wall of Africa]Great Green Wall of Africa and Ancient FarmingThe Great Green Wall – 200 Million Trees Planting Project Across AfricaGreat Green Wall – Africa For AfricaWhy is Africa building a Great Green Wall? BBC NewsWhy Africa is Building The Great Green Wall

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  • Elias Öster 3 years ago

    The green wall sounds awesome, but looking at how Africa is treating it's rain forrest… Good luck…

  • David Duran 3 years ago

    Awesome let's do this, where do I sign in?

  • Elvis Paul N. TANGEM 3 years ago

    The Great Green Wall is more than just tree growing , it is a mosaic of activities, combined to stop land degradation that leads to Desertification. It is an Africa Union Led, Global partnership Programme, (Africa Union, FAO, EU, UNCCD, UNFCCD,SOS SAHEL, KEW, Africa Forest, UNEP and over 22 countries). from 2016, the Wall shall be extended to the 15 Countries of the Southern Africa Economic COmmunity and Ghana and Cameroon. Making it the biggest land restoration initiative. for more information get to

  • Z Holeshot 3 years ago

    I sure hope the 'green wall' works!
    I really dig your productions.
    I'll spend a lot of time here.

  • Mihai Bica 3 years ago

    That map looks wrong… where is South Sudan?

  • Seeker Network 3 years ago

    We haven't heard of this yet, awesome!

  • Seeker Stories 3 years ago

    Sounds like it could be beautiful too!

  • Sir Batracius 3 years ago

    Hey guys! Love your channel! Maybe you want to have a look at the "Camino del Rey" (The kings path) in Spain…

  • lonestarrider 3 years ago

    Interesting! Wonder if it will happen in our life time. On the other hand, sometimes we should not mess with mother nature. Great video!

  • Me Auntie Nora 3 years ago

    The word "desertification" has only existed since the 60's or 70's. Before that, it was just… the desert. A basically permanent fixture whose subtle changes were far outside the realm of human control. But those real changes are immediately apparent to whoever's had their land go bad. Even though people have been displaced and affected by the process for thousands of years, we're only just starting to learn how it works. At the very least, we now know that human activity can affect desertification, both positively and negatively. Yet many aspects remain poorly understood.

    Which adds even more value to projects like the Green Wall. Like, if there was ever a time for such unprecedented collaboration, it's now… Those involved in wrangling that should be proud, regardless of efficacy or even if it's ever completed… Given time, I can imagine it helping change peoples' way of thinking about land use practices.