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Build up of grass sod roof on ecological low energy house designed by the architect Miles Sampson. The house and other projects can be viewed at This house was featured on TV and this and other clips are taken from the programs. The house is located in Co. Clare in the west of Ireland. It has grass roofs, triple glazing, cedar timber cladding. It has an open plan orientated to the south to take advantage of passive solar gains. This house is not a fully passive house or passiv haus but due to its detailed design will require little energy to heat. The house also features a wood pellet boiler, vacuum tube solar panels and a heat recovery ventilation system. It uses low embodied energy materials like cellulose recycled newspaper insulation, eco concrete, ecocem, timber frame, lime on wood fibre render system. This building features many more green or sustainable aspects which can be seen at Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsLog cabin with grass roof (sustainable and energy efficient)Shipping container house – Green roofARDEX WPM 615 TPO Roofing Membrane – Environmentally Friendly, Energy Efficient Green Roof SystemHow We Built Our House – Part Two: The Grass Roof.Self build round wooden house. Wool insulation, grass roof, rainwater harvesting.Grass Roof House Tutorial | Minecraft Pocket Edition

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