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Originally we had guinea-pig families living up on our green roof. They were safe from cats and they really liked it (often they would line up on the ridge and watch the sunset together), but eventually hooded crows learned how delicious they are and now they are all gone. So, since then, there have been no grazers and no mowers at all. An interesting and unusual situation for grassland anywhere. And eight years on, this is what it looks like. Any seeds have arrived naturally. This seems to be a good year for daisies, but other species have been dominant in other years. Trees and shrubs only last a couple of years before they die of drought, though a gorse bush lasted four years.. There’s a dimpled nylon membrane under the sod — though now we would just use pond liner. Under that there’s ply and that’s on 9×2″ rafters — the roof weighs a bit more than a conventional one and you’re supposed to allow for snow too. We designed and built the house ourselves — and everyone said you can’t put grass onto a roof that steep (45 degrees in places) – but it’s still there. TAGS: grass-roofed, house, grass roof, ridge, sunset, nylon, membrane, sod, pond liner, steep, pitch, wildflowers, earth, soil, fertility, self-sufficiency, organic, smallholding, homesteading, permaculture, sustainability, how to, blow-in, blog, way out west, DIY, GIY, vlog, west, cork, Ireland, Irish, garden, gardening, growing, Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsShipping container house – Green roofHow We Built Our House – Part Two: The Grass Roof.Grass sod roof on ecological low energy eco friendly, sustainable house by www.milessampson.comSelf build round wooden house. Wool insulation, grass roof, rainwater harvesting.Grass Roof House Tutorial | Minecraft Pocket Edition[Electro House] DJ Hydroponic X5 : Lets Get Started


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  • Jane Grassmarket 1 year ago

    What?? No hen tractor??

  • David Kopriva 1 year ago

    That's never a part of Ireland they show on TV. This is much more beautiful. Looks like the landscape I live in. In Nova Scotia Canada

  • TechnoRift 1 year ago

    I wish I lived in such a beautiful place. Your house is amazing and so are all the plants!

  • Raymond Scott 1 year ago

    Lovely property and I absolutely adore the roof. I'm a recent subscriber and currently working through your wonderful videos. I hope that you continue to make more in the future. It's a nice change from the typical videos I watch. Thank you!

  • Rabidavid 1 year ago

    what fab video, it really gives a sense of your domain. I love the look of your roof! Did you build your house yourselves? and how was it constructed to give the shape? I'd love to know.

  • Lawrn West 1 year ago

    I just have to say how lucky you really are, what a wonderful home and way of life. In Chicago and the suburbs everything (well many places) look tacky and the same, people get a bit of money and buy a" mc mansion" as they are called, all one can do is roll their eyes, at the tracks of homes build to be torn down poor construction seen in many developments, ( in some places, built with no thought of the future) ….I will stop my rant now, and just say again how lucky you both are!

  • Mike Fay 1 year ago

    The roof design is gorgeous and it's living! Great work. We don't have a television in our home nor do we want one, but when the "blow ins" post a new you tube video (episode) it's very exciting times around this neck of the woods. Big fans from West Coast Canada.

  • Scott Baker 1 year ago

    Is there a video about the building of the house?

  • rizzt007 1 year ago

    I love it! Reminds me about the house in story book :3

  • thundercloud47 1 year ago

    You've you own slice of heaven…no other words suffice.  TY for sharing…am in awe of you both and your surroundings.   Mrs. Tc

  • R HEIDEMAN 1 year ago

    Beautiful. The luck o the irish….an oak tree on your roof… Funny. Need roof goats to trim the roof grass.

  • seaotter1975 1 year ago

    What a LOVELY view!  If you never mentioned that was your roof it looks almost like you are just standing on a hill.  What an amazing view and farm you have!  Just so lovely!  What a beautiful day that was for filming also!  Love watching your video's! 🙂  

  • MsTokies 1 year ago

    i still think you should get some guinea pigs for that roof lol rotational grazing. 

  • St. Apollonius 1 year ago

    Thanks for that now I think I'll get a gun and kill myself.

  • HHeirloomIA 1 year ago

    What a great view! Looks like you have finally gotten some warm days! Ah, the luck of the Irish! ;)

  • Sofia Rivas 1 year ago

    What a wonderful view from the top of your roof. Ireland in June is splendid. Did you fix your soil?

  • Terrence Bacon 1 year ago

    I think my computer screen is broken ? it looked liked the sun was out. Beautiful .Thank's Terrence

  • Gardening With Puppies 1 year ago

    That is absolutely wonderful. I just love your view from the top to the bottom.

  • Homeplace Journal 1 year ago

    You have a glorious lifestyle!! Beautiful area! I had an apartment with a sea view like yours; if I stood on my tip toes I could see a fingerwide area of ocean…Aaaahhh ;d