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Just because it’s winter don’t assume you can close the door on your veggie patch. Graham shows you that his garden is still full of produce and there’s plenty of work to do. You’ll see that every week there is something to plant even in the middle of winter. Related PostsGraham Ross: Graham’s Vegetable Garden, Ep 10 (04.0414)Graham Ross: Graham’s Vegetable Garden #2, Ep 7 (14.03.14)Better Homes and Gardens – Gardening: winter vegetable gardenPlanting a Vegetable Garden for Winter in Northern CaliforniaHow To Grow Vegetables In Winter With A Preppers Winter Vegetable GardenWinter Tour of My Vegetable Garden, part 3 – Moringa Tree

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  • Kortny P 2 years ago

    I was wondering how you were going to bring the garden in, then I remembered. Australian winter, not Canadian winter.?

  • Hohentwielbirmas 2 years ago