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  • Eowahn

    @omone00 wuuhuu thats so exciting for me! 😉 thank you very much! I can
    give you a bit back and give you a pleasure, thats absolutely great and
    makes me happy too! 🙂

  • omone00

    I absolutely LOVE this video…. I read your message right when you sent
    it about 10 hours ago because it forwarded to my phone.. And I was so
    thankful to read what you had to say. I am just getting home to my computer
    and I wanted to leave quick comment to let you know that I appreciate
    everything and I am happy that my music has inspired you so much I will be
    contacting you again in the morning to speak more about this.. Thanks sooo
    much.. You have lifted my spirit in ways unimaginable..

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