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Video Rating: / 5 I am growing this passion fruit vine to shade out my chicken yard, It gets very hot here during the day and birds well take any shade they can get. My new facebook page Life in Thailand Related PostsDenver's Green Roof Initiative – Paul Kriescher, Lightly Treading IncHow to Remediate a Green Roof /Vegetated RoofThe New Green Roof on Bellevue City HallEarth Home. Green RoofGreen Roof Advantages & DisadvantagesHenry® Green Roof 101

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  • Gina S 1 week ago

    I’m so jealous of your amazing Passion Flower vine!!! I’m starting some from seed now…purple and yellow

  • Rob Bob's Aquaponics & Backyard Farm 1 week ago

    Great looking vine… Puts our weed to shame 😀

  • VirtualHorizonz 1 week ago

    You forgot to put the link to the new channel mate ; )

  • VirtualHorizonz 1 week ago

    That's awesome mate, I love passionfruit too : )

  • Gardeninggirl1107 1 week ago

    Snakes? Are they lurking in places around your home? I don't like the sound of that…

  • Gardeninggirl1107 1 week ago

    That's just plain awesome! Love the passion fruit, how will you harvest the fruit in the middle of the roof? Will it attract rats? Hope not….bet your chickens love the relief from the heat.

  • bangalorebobbel 1 week ago

    yes for us it is important to combine always different plants to have always green and flowers.
    it takes time to get a good result since some plants don't combine with others, or they don't like the place, but finally one has a nice jungle which gives continuously home and food to many species of insects, birds, small mammals, lizards and snakes.
    Also one third of the house roof is carrying Bougainvillea plus creepers, giving nice shadow and even a kind of pavillon watch?v=gM-YL8JCo1M

  • Elyse Joseph 1 week ago

    I don't think these would grow too well around here, but I have a friend that have a passion fruit and take it inside every year…It's about 3 ft high LOL But it's OK we have other kind of climber we can grow 🙂

  • crizzey100 1 week ago

    I agree !

  • crizzey100 1 week ago

    That's the way they are here Not even trying to be funny ! They Love that roof top stuff !It could be different were you are ! who Knows !

  • Joe Serrano 1 week ago

    Wow, this is a win win situation, for our Mother the Earth, for the critters who are our neighbors and for your family and you, fresh fruit on the vine, shade, a beautiful "living" green roof instead of the usual tin or tile roof,…i had thought of doin' something similar but with chayotes(chokos),…thumbs up lifeinthailand!! =)

  • bangalorebobbel 1 week ago

    what awesome – first You have fantastique flowers and then the fruits, and always shadow – You are really a lucky man!
    We tried also passion fruit but it didn't grow at all in our place. Now our garage roof is covered with some creepers, wild jasmin / queen of the night, bougainvillea, and I don't know what else … and so many insects and birds and squirrels and what else animals 😉 enjoy it a lot!

  • rodney newbury 1 week ago

    No shortage of fruit there!!!!!

  • flexomike 1 week ago

    You need to make juice out of that pasion fruit, its great for your joints. my wife swears by it. Heck she swears by everything.

  • crizzey100 1 week ago

    LOL You think you seen snakes before ! They love that type of environment ! They can stay warm and sun and eat all the birds that fly in ! My friend had Grape vines on her roof and you could set there and watch them going up and down the vines Like a Highway ! You better go get some diapers your going to need them LOL 1

  • Dale Calder 1 week ago

    A great crop and shade too, good idea. Do kiwi grow in your area it would do the same thing and you could get two different crops.