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GORILLA TENTS: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: @perfect_gardens Gorilla Grow Tents are they worth the money? That’s what we wanted to find out and we did. We are going to get some into our store soon and do another video because it’s always different getting something under your own roof and playing with it rather then somewhere else. If you have any questions or want to see something we didn’t show here, please give us feedback. We make these videos for you guys! Related PostsHydroponic Indoor Grow Tent GrowAce Review | Horticulture Indoor Gardening2013 Indoor Gardening MAXIMUM YIELD Expo, Michigan2×4 Gorilla Grow Tent Kit – Available at: FullbloomHydroponics.netGrow Tent Setup and Supplies – Indoor Gardening Setup | DoMyOwn.comMaximum Yield Indoor Gardening Expo 2012 – Best Products to Grow More, Yield MoreMy homebuilt grow tent DIY indoor gardening

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  • Justin D 6 months ago

    mars hydro has the newest 2×2 tent, its fabric is same to Gorilla but price is lower.

  • FerrariSixFourVEVO 6 months ago

    What model is this perfect garden?!

  • Susan Swain 6 months ago

    Wot is the gigest

  • The price on these still doesn't seem worth twice the price of another grow tent. I do like the extra zipper covers and all metal joints and corners. But I'm not paying 200 extra dollars for a tool pocket and a bit of fabric over the zipper.

  • Chris Cross 6 months ago

    Good work.

  • north seven o five 6 months ago

    ten foot growtents arent typically for home growing, you generally see them in tall warehouses, garages and large sheds.