If until now a balcony or a terrace without a tap meant the renunciation of being able to place pots of plants and flowers without having to consider using the watering can to wet them constantly, at the most uncomfortable times, today Claber gives us comfort and advantages. automatic drip irrigation even in open spaces without taps or sockets available, with Aqua-Magic System: a completely independent drip irrigation system ideal for plants on terraces and small vegetable gardens.
claber Aqua-Magic System

claber automatic drip irrigation A 100% Made in Italy irrigation system, which hides a technological heart: the special Aqua-Magic programmer is equipped with a photovoltaic panel, which uses clean and free energy from the sun and powers two common rechargeable batteries and a small pump hydraulic, which are located inside the unit. The constant research that characterizes each Claber product means that no electrical connection is needed: the hybrid power supply, in fact, not only ensures maximum versatility of use, but also a choice that respects nature and the environment.

Programming is simple and intuitive: using two knobs you can select the best combination between irrigation frequency (from daily to weekly) and quantity of water to be dispensed by each dripper (from 40 to 200ml). Depending on the type of plant to be watered and the season in which it is watered, the choice will vary between a series of preset values.

irrigation system in kit claber aqua magic Aqua-Magic System comes in a package complete with all the necessary material to prepare a drip irrigation system suitable for up to twenty pots: new design drippers, able to guarantee a constant water flow even when the pots are placed at different heights; capillary tube and fittings, a flow blocking anti-siphon valve, which ensures the correct operation of the system, a suction filter and a wall support with screws and plugs useful for installing Aqua-Magic on the wall, if you prefer.

the system has a water supply completely independent from any tap: it is sufficient to prepare a common water tank, place a segment of capillary tube inside it with the suction filter installed and the integrated Aqua-Magic System pump will distribute water to each pot served by the irrigation line on your behalf. In this way, you can bring the colors and scents of plants and flowers to the terraces and corners of the gardens that would otherwise remain a little anonymous and unadorned.Aqua-Magic System is also the ideal solution for the care and maintenance of plants placed in small gardens. , like the gardens on the terrace, which many of us have learned to appreciate in recent years, always guaranteeing accurate irrigation without waste because it is directed to the roots, to your vegetables and aromatic plants.

claber Aqua-Magic Tank And if you are looking for an alternative to the common container, Claber offers you a practical and elegant solution: pleasant design and functionality for Aqua-Magic Tank, a collapsible PVC tank with a capacity of 80 liters, easy to assemble without using tools.

With the Aqua-Magic System Claber gives gardens, balconies and terraces all the suggestive charm of greenery and nature: for those who do not want to give up flowers and plants, Aqua-Magic System guarantees uniform and targeted irrigation, for entire weeks, without the need for connection to taps or electrical sockets.

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Goodbye watering can with the Aqua-Magic System drip irrigation system

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