Goodbye General Hydroponics, Welcome to Canna & Advanced Nutrience

a grow update, im swicthing from General Hydroponics to Canna, also addtivies from Advanced Nutrience. i streched a net out over my canopy to gain just a little control, im so over grown, def not my best grow..

Viewers 18+ only plz. Thanks for wacthing, please subscribe & thumbs up

Overgrow the World & Free the Weed
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Goodbye General Hydroponics, Welcome to Canna & Advanced Nutrience

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  • IronLungs Mcgee

    I also switched from GH to Canna. Way more bang for the buck in my opinion. Keep up the vids coming bro. My plants are doing great this second time around. Clones took off like made men. lol Thanks again Bro. Cheers!!!

  • tim xxhawk

    yo bro whats up cyber hope to catch ya in chat soon…… i see you are using a net i been thinking of doing my self hope its working out for ya

  • CrazyGuy

    Holy fuck thats a jungle, watch out for angry baboons in the canopy, I hear they are very teratorial lol. GET BETTER CYBER!!!!!! Peace,pot,4/20,24/7!!!

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