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Cross-posted from GODAN Summit: Speaker: Daniel Jiménez R, Ph.D. ( Scientist, Decision and Policy Analysis (DAPA) Research Area, CIAT. Description: Farmers across Latin America are reporting that traditional and intergenerational farming systems knowledge and management interventions are no longer effective in the face of increasing climate variability and associated pest/disease shocks. The traditional R&D approaches on limited numbers of experimental plots and few locations no longer appear adequate to provide farmers with timely guidance in the face of uncertainty. CIAT researchers have discovered that practical on-farm agronomy can contribute far more effectively to food production increases if it is guided by creative use of “Big Data” tools to analyze the extensive agricultural information that diverse organizations in many developing countries have collected over decades. In the great majority of cases, the data lies unused in databases or filing cabinets. Rigorous modern data mining techniques can establish relationships and associations between observations from multiple sources, which researchers can now interpret and provide site-specific crop management recommendations to farmers on ways to improve their crop husbandry. Big Data techniques can help farmers optimize crop yields by adjusting their management practices to subtle variations in growing conditions across sites and over time in a given area. Video Rating: / 5 Découvrez les huit principes de la micro-agriculture Growbiointensive de John Jeavons : 1- La préparation profonde du sol 2- Le compostage 3- La densification des cultures 4- Les associations de cultures 5- Les cultures de céréales 6- La culture de légumes sources de calories et de vitamines 7- Les semences reproductibles 8- Une approche globale Le programme “Cultiver durablement sur une petite surface” à été crée avec l’aide de John Jeavons ainsi que l’organisation “Grow BioIntensive” préconisant une approche respectueuse de la nature et de l’équilibre de son écosystème. Visitez notre […]

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