Make a simple, easy, affordable Vertical Garden at home with just a few tools and tricks! Vertical Gardening is your solution if you don’t have a sprawling space for a garden but love gardening!
Watch to know how our Couple – Nipun Madan and Ritika Gupta tell us how they build their own low-cost vertical garden at home from scratch!

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Links for making your own vertical garden:


Pots: https://

Gardening Tools:[…]child=1&keywords=trowel+fork+garden+tool&qid=1606992812&sr=8-5

Cocopeat:[…]ds=cocopeat&qid=1606992830&sprefix=cocopeat%2Caps%2C294&sr=8-6 or[…]ds=cocopeat&qid=1606992830&sprefix=cocopeat%2Caps%2C294&sr=8-8

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