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Sign up for release news: Pre-Order: iTunes: I Website: I Amazon: Pre-release – Sep 2, Release – Oct 9 (US) & Oct 16 (Europe) on JazzVillage – harmonia mundi In this video: Last Train Home by Pat Metheny Gilad Hekselman – Guitar & Roof-gardening Sam Anning – Guitar & Bass Rogerio Boccato – Percussion Kush Abadey – Drums Videography – Simon Yu Album Featuring: Gilad Hekselman – guitar, Joe Martin – bass, Marcus Gilmore – drums & special guest Jeff Ballard – drums Facebook artist page: Twitter : @giladhekselman YouTube: Instagram: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsLong kid train of building blocks toys for children | Robots for kids | Kids GardenConstruction of a Blue-Green Roof system on a train Car in Gent, BelgiumKid Ory’s Creole Jazz Band – Royal Garden BluesConstruction Simulator 2 – #6 The Last Land – Northridge – GameplayLast Chance for the Green Wall2 Min. Tip: How We Train Crops Up Trellises (Vertical Gardening)

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  • gupta mahendra 2 years ago

    Niiice! Classic pat meth's tune! Looking forward for your new album!?

  • Obeliskeyes 2 years ago


  • Blake Branch 2 years ago

    Great job! I've heard covers of this song before, and they usually fall short, but this is the best version I've heard next to Metheny's!?

  • HarryDrummerboy 2 years ago

    Just pre – ordered the cd, looking forward to listening. such a great inspiring musician you are.?

  • Pleng Passakorn 2 years ago

    Pleng from Thailand?

  • Kieren Brereton 2 years ago

    This is wonderful. I really feel like I'm there! Thanks a lot. Can't wait for the album!?

  • Theamapolaflower 2 years ago

    Awesome, congratulations, everything feels so natural music, location, the musicians, and the cameraman hahaha are very close who to is watching this at home.

  • Wow!! Awesome!
    Nice play, gilad!!!!!?

  • geniflute 2 years ago

    This is awesome!?

  • Jim Clark 2 years ago

    A fresh take on one of my long-time favorites by Metheny. Attaboy Gilad!?

  • Dan Adler 2 years ago

    Great playing, and great video tech!?

  • gggomez 2 years ago

    Fantastic Gilad. (You let someone touch your beautiful Gibson Howard Roberts?) Look forward to the release, hope it does amazingly well for you.?

  • Ty Green 2 years ago

    Really dig those socks?

  • NewAnimalMusic 2 years ago

    This is fantastic Gilad! I have to ask.. Where'd those pad sounds come from near the end? was it just a clever reverb/delay/modulation guitar effect, or something else (sampler/midi controller)??

  • goldenglaciers 2 years ago

    The future is here!?

  • julien arrijs 2 years ago

    Real nice Gilad 🙂 Thanks for sharing this ! God Bless you man !?

  • jarediledundee 2 years ago

    Those neighbors are lucky!?

  • Flat5guitar 2 years ago

    What an exciting young player!
    Beautiful NYC apartment too! Anybody know that neighborhood in Brooklyn? Whereabouts is that??

  • M simon 2 years ago

    For many reasons, one of the coolest things I've seen musically this year. Shout out to Brooklyn. :-)?

  • Antonio Trejo 2 years ago

    Yea! Cool!?