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Meet the Leaf Station One! To see the Unboxing of the Leaf Station One: Here we take you through how to get started on moving sustainability into your home! Letting you grow 20 of the cleanest, freshest leafy-greens right from your home, the Leaf Station One is one of our Hydroponic systems for home. This is a set-up video for the Leaf Station One from Future Farms. Have fun watching! Visit our Facebook page at: Or our website: Home And please don’t forget to Like/Share/Subscribe! Related PostsGetting Started – Leaf Station Prime (Hydroponic Home System) – Future Farms (India)Getting Started – Leaf Pyramid One (Hydroponic Home System) – Future Farms (India)Unboxing – Leaf Station Neo (Hydroponic Home Kit) – Future Farms (India)Getting Started – Air Bucket Hexa (Hydroponic Home System) – Future Farms (India)Getting Started – Darwin Penta (Hydroponic Starter Kit for Beginners) – Future Farms (India)Getting Started – Darwin Junior (Hydroponic Starter Kit for Beginners) – Future Farms (India)

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  • Saurabh Goel 1 year ago

    hi, i just got my leaf station. I ll be growing some kale and spinach in it and have already made my nutrient solution. should i run the pump continuously or put it on a timer to start after every couple of hours. thanks

  • GHANTASALA ARTS 1 year ago

    how to make liquid fertilizer for plants

  • Hemanth Kumar Reddy Gopu 1 year ago

    How much would it cost to setup a Hydroponic farm in 1000 sft area?

  • vinu stephen 1 year ago

    do we need a greenhouse panel for this setup

  • sathishkumar radhakrishnan 1 year ago

    do you offer aeroponics systems too??

  • Balasubramanniam 1 year ago

    What is the price for above what do we can grow

  • Paddy 1 year ago

    lot of questions….pls share your contact number of someone i can call

  • Alson David 1 year ago

    Classy Product guys 🙂