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🌿 Main Channel • • 🌿 Follow the Greenery! • • _______________________________________________ A living wall of plants?! What could be better than that?! My passion for greenery has only grown to obsessive levels as the years have gone by and its finally time for me to indulge in something I’ve always dreamed of: building a living wall of plants in my office! We’re off to the local plant nursery for our first visit and our very special mission: picking out the plants that are going to be added to my office and help to create the fantastic, leafy-green, creative environment that our pixel biology community takes root in! _______________________________________________ 🌿 Birdseed Diaries ~ Gouldian Finch Flock! • • 🌿 Birdseed Diaries ~ Wild Birds! • • 🌿 Twitter • • 🌿 Facebook • • 🌿 Instagram • • 🌿 Etsy Shop • • _______________________________________________ • Seri is a biologist-in-training with an intense passion for plants and filling her house to the brim with finches, potted plants, and biology “specimens” that look oddly like snail shells, mossy, and twigs covering every available surface. She is also big into spreading her love of the natural world through the entertaining medium of story-telling through video games! Jump on in and see what our amazing, animal-loving, plant-studying community is all about! And remember, stay curious! • Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsPi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living Walls80,000 Community Members & Our Living Wall of Plants!! • Pixel Biology UpdatesLiving Wall of Plants at Birmingham-Shuttlesworth AirportDecorating with plants – Living wall installationDIY Zen Inspired Living Wall Art Using Air PlantsHow To with Zoë Brown Living with plants: DIY Succulent Wall | 2 June 2017

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  • PuppyDog Studios 9 months ago

    Seri…. so many youtubers want to 'DEFET THE GAME!' or 'GET ALL THE ACOMPLESHMENTS NO MATER WHAT!' Some like jacksipiceye are are agresive and kill stuff in games. You admire them and apretiate the detail the creators put into a game! Most want to get highest score and defete oponents!You like soclising games and farming , animals, and peaceful relaxing games like Niva , Meadow , Abzu , and other games in that nature . Your channel is speshel and lovley! Keep it up! ~<3

  • Mandy Flowerwood 9 months ago

    Seri you are so beautiful inside and out. <3

  • Slothsss 9 months ago

    I love bees but around where I live we have more wasps and hornets than bees and I can't let my dog out much on the warmer days because some of the wasps and hornets stingers are huuuuge and I don't want to get him hurt.

  • WalrusAndThePig 9 months ago

    9:21 bookmark

  • justasillygirl 9 months ago

    The living wall looks fantastic! Have you ever had a palm plant? I have a small little palm plant that I've had for almost two years now but it always seems to been too dry and the leaves are kind of whithery (is that even a word?). I feel like I'm so bad with plants. I only have two because I'm so scared of killing plants! My other is a peace lily plant so it can take whatever kind of abuse or neglect and bounce right back with a good watering.

    So what happens with the plants and birds and geckos when you and Chips are gone next summer? Do they go with you? Do you get a house-sitter to take care of everything?

  • Erika Priddy 9 months ago


  • Fuzzythej 9 months ago

    OMG I think I saw you in North Carolina! Thanks for inspiring me! I want to be just like you when I grow up!

  • Daveanna Davis 9 months ago

    What nursery/greenhouse is that? They look like they have an amazing selection of pretty greens. I'm in Michigan too so I'd love to check it out if/when I head down to that area.

  • Sharon Kofoed 9 months ago

    Those flowers are BEAUTIFUL!  And the fairy garden stuff is so cute!  the living wall looks wonderful!!!

  • AllisonBunnyz 9 months ago

    Plus I noticed Chicken-Berry is showing a lot of color!

  • PelicanRomance 9 months ago

    What is the beginning song from? It sounds so familiar 0,0

  • Gigi's Neck Of The Woods 9 months ago

    Herbs and lettuce in the living wall would be amazing! Not to mention extremely healthy. Way to use your ingenuity and put those plant pots in to support the plants. That is a great way to reuse something that is a "throwaway" item. 🙂

  • Kate Black 9 months ago

    We did fairy gardens in our patio planters a few years ago. I need to redo those planters this spring. Some of them are probably pretty root bound! Lol I understand about agonizing over plants. I love the colors on the bromeliads! They really add a nice touch of color! Pothos is so even grows in darker corners. Did you get the big peace lily for Chips?

  • cereal box 9 months ago

    seri ! whats ur favorite water plant?

  • Quail 9 months ago

    Yay! Bees!!!

  • Tiny Inconsistences 9 months ago

    You as always make my day watching you're videos, also you are a reason why I'm sure I'll ALWAYS want to be a biologist/Anything that involves animals. Because they are so amazing

  • KATYA MARIE CLARK 9 months ago

    All the plants are so beautiful! I can't wait to continue watching to see which ones you choose :3