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#allamandaplant #allamandaflower Get More Flowers on Allamanda plant अलामांडा पे फूल पाने के लिए इतना करे FOLLOW ME ON INSTA LIKE MY FACEBOOK PAGE @LGWITHMJ FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER ORGANIC PESTICIDE FOR REGULAR USE NEEM PESTICIDE FOR FUNGUS AND OTHER PEST soil ph meter grow bags FOR DOTTED GROW BAGS spray bottles for plants summer flower seeds fancy hanging pots Related Postsज़्यादा से ज़्यादा फूल पाए इस गर्मिओ में अपने मोगरा के पौधे में, GET READY YOUR MOGRA FOR SUMMERगर्मिओ में कोलेउस को कैसे ग्रो करे HOW TO GROW COLEUS IN SUMMERS AND SOIL FOR COLEUSयह ढेरो फूल देगा इन बारिशों मे This plant will give lots of flowers in monsoonओवरवॉटरइंग की है? तो इंतना करे, what to do when overwatered rose plantsTRYING NEW CUTTINGS OF ROSE PLANT IN WATERआपके पौधे को मरने से बचाये इस कीड़े से HOW TO SAVE PLANT FROM LEAF MINER

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  • Anila Soni 1 month ago

    Kya hibiscus ke plant mein potash daal saktey hain ? Kab aur kitna ? Please bataaney ka kasht karein.

  • Yasmin Javed 1 month ago

    Thank you sir

  • Yasmin Javed 1 month ago

    Sir aap ki fb ki id kya hai

  • Yasmin Javed 1 month ago

    Sir mere allmanda ki kali geer rahi hai

  • Yasmin Javed 1 month ago

    Hello sir

  • Yasmin Javed 1 month ago

    Sir aap apna whatsapp no bata sakte hsi mai apne roes plsnt ks photo aap ko dekhana cahti hu

  • Arshi Khan 1 month ago

    Mene to 20 days pahle lgaya h but Usme Abhi koi growth ni hui h kya karna chahiye sir

  • Poonam Sharma 1 month ago

    मेरे पास भी हैं ये आलमनडा प्लांट्स और फूल भी आ रहे हैं इस प्लांट्स मे एक साथ चार पाँच कलियाँ आती हैं ओर कुछ दिन तक ये फूल लगी रहती हैं प्लांट्स पर

  • Manju Gupta 1 month ago

    I have a allamanda plant which looked like a bush but now it has started growing like a vine after getting rain water. I don't want a vine as it is potted in a 10 inch pot in a balcony. Can I prune it to keep it like a bush instead of Vine?? There is no flowers also.only vine foliage is growing at a great speed.

  • Rohit Godiya 1 month ago

    Smell ati hai kya

  • venus libra 1 month ago

    Sir Allamanda vine ko cutting s kesy grow kr skty hn plzzzz bta den

  • swikriti mishra 1 month ago

    Hello sir….when should be the fertilizer given to plant after repoting ? I've bought some plants from nursery n repottoed them….so wanted to know about the fertilizers more thing I wanted to ask u… you've mentioned that mustard cake can also be given…. would u pls tell me…in what amount mustard cake powder can be given

  • Shampy's garden 1 month ago

    Nice information

  • technical gardening fact 1 month ago

    nice vdo