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  • Niels Walinga 11 months ago

    what plants/trees grow very well in winter? i live in NL and its always cold out here

  • Retired SeniorChief 11 months ago

    Hey Jake in one of your videos you mentioned the Brazilian peppertree well I found an article you may enjoy.

  • Austin Paz 11 months ago

    4:32 dang what are you feeding your dogs that make them piss that long ! Lmao.

  • Amber Mulligan 11 months ago

    yeeaahhhhh 420 likesssss

  • Gabriel Dangelo Louzada (Biscoito de Trigo) 11 months ago

    Hey, Jake. I'm from Brasil and I'm vegetarian. I would love to try your salad once. I don't know if I will ever go to where you live and even if I'd be welcome to your garden, but your video just make me want to grow my own food. Thank you for that.

  • Pink Stardust Keys 11 months ago

    Sharing :)

  • Matt V. 11 months ago

    Hi Jake. Thanks for your amazing vlogging. I worked for a few months in AZ, thats how I found your channel. It is quite inspiring. I cant wait to start my own longevity urban farm.

  • Iza Bela 11 months ago

    Wow, this garden looks delicious!!! I didn't know banana tree could be grown in AZ. Jake, have you ever tried to make banana biomass from the bananas while they're still green? They say that you cook the green bananas in their skins in the pressure cooker then you peel them and smash the fruit. The researches says if we add the banana biomass in out food like beans, soup, smoothie, etc, helps to control the glucose in our blood. And there's no taste. It also helps the body to absorb the carbs slowly. I wish I could grow these trees in the Northeast!!! :(

  • Lily Hau 11 months ago

    How can u keep the catapillar off your leafy green without pesticides Jakes??? Cause all my vegetables are got eaten by catapillar…I also grown organic, no pesticides or chemicals.

  • Lily Hau 11 months ago

    banana flower are my favorite for making salad. yum…

  • AikiKaiTM4Life 11 months ago

    I am a vegetarian, and I tried last week star fruit, it taste exactly like Gatorade amazing.

  • Glen Faught Jr 11 months ago

    Do you grow/eat purslane and chickweed?

  • Vatic Shadow 11 months ago

    Ummm…Jake you might want to check 4:44, I think that you should give those greens a triple wash. Big fan by the way! Keep up the vids and the ones when you don't get food from your garden like the trader joes one!

  • Shelly420 11 months ago

    God that salad looks wonderful. What I wouldn't give to be sitting there eating it. :)

  • Shelly420 11 months ago

    Marijuana keeps me healthy. I have stopped taking all meds (except 1 for thyroid), thanks to it.

  • cristal trujillo 11 months ago

    Hi Jake and Pam 🙂 First of I want to say thanks for spreading the truth about the benefits of marijuana and greedy corporations making it illegal for people to heal themselves because it takes profits away. I always wondered if you grew cannabis or not haha. Second of all I wanted to ask you if you ever thought about putting a home in your yard for the bees to help them out since they're endangered? You already have so many in your garden that I'm sure you would have no problems feeding/attracting them. It would increase your food yield and you could even harvest the honey if you wanted which has so many medicinal uses. Lastly how do you manage to keep your food bug free?

  • tortaboy 11 months ago

    How much do you spend on groceries every week?

  • shadiya sharif 11 months ago

    very enjoyable thanks enjoy

  • Amy L. Shultz 11 months ago

    This is a great video!