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20 foot Horizontal aeroponic garden built out of 6″ PVC pipe. 20 high pressure nozzles supply the nutrients at 100 PSI. 100 feet of 1/4 inch tubing is buried and coiled 15 feet into the ground to cool the nutrient water before exiting the spray nozzles. Related PostsEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow FoodVertical Aeroponic Gardening – Grow food on your apartment balcony | Thorben Linneberg | FutureMEBuild a Hanging Vertical Pallet Garden to Grow Food on WallsTower Garden Aeroponic Home Vertical Food ForestVertical Geothermal Earth Tube (Part 2) – Greenhouse Heating/CoolingVertical Geothermal Earth Tube (Part 1) – Greenhouse Heating/Cooling

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  • William Marcomb 1 year ago

    Good call on the pressure drop. I just put up a video showing about a 20%-25% pressure drop on the last spray head.

  • Atom izer 1 year ago

    I would test the pressure at the nozzles, 100ft of 1/4" tubing will incur a sizable pressure loss.