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Finishing up a run of GH flora series by schedule on drain to waste. single res DWC bucket. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsThe Best Cannabis Nutrient Feeding Schedule– General Hydroponics — Better Than The Lucas Forumla!General Hydroponics How-To: Mixing Flora SeriesHow to Mix Hydroponic Nutrients – Masterblend & General Hydroponic Flora SeriesIndoor Hydroponic Spinach Update – S2 Episode SomethingHow to Properly Feed Marijuana Plants Nutrients and Correct the PH Levels – General HydroponicsGoodbye General Hydroponics, Welcome to Canna & Advanced Nutrience

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  • Will Mcwill 1 month ago

    What is a concentration you use in the 3 week vegetation? And what PPM rule and maximum EC do you use?

  • Bobby O'Reilly 1 month ago

    do u feed 24/7?

  • wanttogrowbetter 1 month ago

    Keep your ppm low in Dwc around 400 in veg and 800 in flower your plans will tell you what they want for example let's say you mix up a new batch of solution today and pH everything correctly after a few days to a week you should be able to go back and check the solution if the PPM has dropped a lot that means you could offend the plants more if the PPM spikes and goes higher that means you could've found the plants a lot less the PPM stays right around the same as what you gave them that means you fed them perfectly check out hygrohybrid

  • scuba 1 month ago

    Dont use liquid kool bloom with dry koolbloom u burnt the shit out those plants how is that a good thing

  • Sir William Wallace 1 month ago

    This is the only nutrie's I've used that have had ph issues. Ripen for example, tested water before adding ph 7.3/4 (standard from my area) then added 'ripen' & it shot to 5.2. Won't be using again although results were good.

  • gino pelfo 1 month ago

    warning the ph can variate with temperature! and umidity! to do hydroponic you must take care with a temperature of the wather! 23°c costant!

  • Yo Brother if you read this, the system your growing in, hydroponics gives the roots water and nutrients as the enviroment, so 1 day the plants will drink just water, resulting in more nutrients to water ratio = raising ppm, the process works visa versa
    So a Res with PH of 5.8 and a PPM of 400 can change in just hours depending on what the plant drinks in
    Drinks nutes = Lowers PH
    Drinks Water = Raises PH
    Thank you

  • Sylvia J. Pabon 1 month ago

    Hydroponics is a good system but it also have some disadvantage, you need to shop for some "plant food", nutrition and supplements that can be high-priced. Before building any hydroponics system, you should look at the advantage of aquaponics system, which can automate 95% of work.

  • George Williams 1 month ago

    Good job things look good keep up the good work I'm going to keep my eye on you

  • George Williams 1 month ago

    Good job things look good keep up the good work I'm going to keep my eye on you

  • panamaredist 1 month ago

    nice vid, liked, keep it up!

  • ponics4me 1 month ago

    Absolutely, you can't go wrong with Advanced Nutrients. I have been completely happy with the new line so far.

  • no viewers 1 month ago

    yeah ph perfect awesome nutes no complain in dwc no ph check no ppm test mix and that it until next res change what company do it better go advanced

  • ponics4me 1 month ago

    Looks nice! You can avoid those pH issues if you use the pH Perfect nutes from Advanced Nutrients. I use them and I haven't had to pay any attention to pH at all.