Countertop garden systems promise to make it easy to grow fresh herbs. But do they deliver? Lisa and Hannah put them to the test.

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Gear Heads | Growing Fresh Herbs with Indoor Gardens

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  • Mark Kline

    My, I'm pushing the back button so much, to bypass the commercials I'm missing this site, with the Ads they are trying to show on each video. So Sad. they are doing this. Had enough of the solar panel.

  • akr01364

    My Chia Pet garden is almost a decade old, cost about $10 and so far all's well. All I need is a tray and a window.

  • krrrruptidsoless

    The short ones look like they were made for going under the counter and for where you'd be clipping them all the time
    The more you clip the better the plant grows

    The winner looks like it'd need its own room or house

  • krrrruptidsoless

    That one lady sounds like she's not going to be happy until everything's robotic and no human involved whatsoever

    She always says
    "I had to do this"

    I had to do that ((grumph))

    Like oh my God I can't believe I had to look at this thing then I had to touch it cut off the clippings

    Where are the robots

    OMG, why was I born before there were robots

    Who's fault is this

  • Mark S

    Just curious…was the Juice Plus Tower garden tested? If not, are there any plans to compare it to the Click n Grow

  • Kim Lindsey

    I have an AeroGarden Harvest, and it's amazing – easy (no app needed), and great yield. The only thing that grows tall is the basil; everything else gets along nicely. Their cherry tomatoes are yummy & the plants are quite hardy. IDK why this unit seemed difficult to you – maybe the app made it harder?
    The Click & Grow looks nice, but it's huge! both its footprint and clearance for height.
    FYI for some other commenters: There are ways to reduce the amount of plastic waste when you use these systems, which is another plus. 🙂

  • chilecayenne

    With the Click and Grow…can you plant and grow plants easily from seeds YOU buy, rather than buying the pre-made pre-packaged dirt/plant modules from the company?

  • L3

    These systems are way too expensive and you need their pods (except the one that didn't perform well). It is much cheaper to buy a heavy duty shelf, grow lights and hooks.

  • Succubusisis

    Price aside, “Dumb” setups don’t have apps harvesting your data while you try to harvest dill!

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