The gazebo represents a furnishing element of the garden that is often chosen for its particularity in form and structure. The octagonal or round shape, the base made of wood and the roof, which can also have a dome shape, rests on a base made by means of pillars.


wooden gazeboIn reality, the gazebo was born as a decorative architectural structure in the twentieth century, and not with a specific function. Only over time did people begin to think about using this space to have an area to live in relaxation or to have lunch. The shape is somewhat reminiscent of a kiosk and sometimes it can also be closed laterally by means of glass plates which, while allowing the passage of light, protect from the cold in such a way that the structure allows you to enjoy the garden even during cool autumn evenings. . Not made with load-bearing walls, and its shape allows you to have a complete look at the entire garden. Initially it was installed in the hills to observe the surrounding landscape, today the function of the private garden has remained unchanged but it also fulfills a functional use that makes the structure increasingly present in green spaces.

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Designing personally also means having a minimum of capacity because it is still a structure that must have its own stability in order to be concretely used. The base of the gazebo fixed to the ground by means of screws that make it immovable to bad weather. The material most used to make a gazebo is undoubtedly wood because it adapts very well to the surrounding green context. Sometimes the structure remains open only on one side to allow access while a climbing plant can be inserted around it. The gazebo, in its typical structure, is often placed a little far from the house so that it can be admired in its beauty even from afar. Those who do not have space, can choose a smaller model, otherwise the garden would be too cluttered.

The flooring of a gazebo made with natural stone, grass or with tiles, depends a lot on the taste of the home owner. The gazebo which has a raised structure which is accessed by means of stairs, has a flooring that could also be made of wood. It is certainly a very special model that also allows the installation of a chandelier. Referring to the lighting system, to have a gazebo that has hidden power cables, you have to decide before the purchase, to ensure that everything is installed in the best way. The use of the gazebo in the evening still requires lighting so if you do not choose the chandelier you will have to opt for spotlights.

The gazebo can also be a closed structure and this would allow a different use. Inside could be placed a mini pool or a whirlpool tub, for those who do not have the possibility of installing it at home for reasons of space. By creating a covered gazebo outside, they can use their swimming pool even in winter. This is a very interesting solution that also embellishes the garden with elements that are important for your well-being. The side closure of the gazebo can also be done with curtains that create a very particular effect. A comfortable mattress could also be inserted under the gazebo to create a relaxation area.

The same cover of the gazebo can be in fabric which allows a greater choice of colors and prints. In this case we are referring to models of gazebos finished in detail that are always of high quality, but those who want to have only a gazebo for a dombra function and that have an affordable price, even if not aesthetically of the same level, can orient themselves on the models in pvc. It is a very resistant waterproof plastic, generally white in color, which is mainly used for public places. It mounts very easily and is fixed directly in the ground. However, it is a very light gazebo that can also be transported easily.

Today, the gazebo is an element of garden furniture that really manages to satisfy various needs, it is always preferred, if possible, to take it of a size large enough to be able to also have a corner where to insert a sofa. It fits well in any part of the garden and according to the function attributed to it, it can be placed next to the kitchen or next to the swimming pool. Today essential lines and clean shapes, without too many accessories determine the trendy gazebo. Wrought iron has found its position to excel in this trend. A corner designed to admire the surrounding landscape and enjoy the scents and silences of nature in your garden, perhaps lying comfortably in the shade. Those who buy a gazebo are aware of having chosen an element that, even with its structure alone, will be able to enhance the garden.

gazeboGuaranteeing an added value to your green corner, such as a gazebo can be, requires, on your part, a certain preventive study on the subject, in order to know in the right time and in the right way, all the facets that a world of this type could offer you. .

To make a series of decisions in absolute awareness, more specifically, we will let you deepen your knowledge on the characteristics of the various types of gazebos, with in-depth information especially for wooden, iron and aluminum gazebos. Finally, as if that were not enough, we will let you know everything you need to know about a sector like that of the sale of gazebos, identifying the market prices.

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