The busy, stressful and hectic life of the modern and urbanized society in which we live, pushes us to seek recreation even in everyday life. Therefore, more and more people who own a small garden in front of the house try to exploit and make outdoor spaces as pleasant as possible. An excellent solution to make the front garden welcoming to guests’ eyes, certainly the installation of a garden gazebo. The gazebo for gardens, in fact, allows you to recreate a real relaxing environment even in the hectic cities where you are forced to live. In addition, the gazebo for gardens allows you to organize parties, barbecues in this green corner even when the sun is too hot or in the event of a summer storm.

garden gazebo

garden gazeboThere are many materials used for the construction of garden gazebos, in order to give the possibility of a wide choice that adapts perfectly to the aesthetics of the entire garden and is in harmony with the architectural style of the house, satisfying the needs and everyone’s tastes; the materials in question are: wood, aluminum, PVC and wrought iron.

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garden gazeboCertainly one of the most used materials for the construction of gazebos for gardens is wood, a material with many advantages and merits; First of all, wood manages to be classic and modern at the same time, since it adapts perfectly to any type of furniture and architectural style. Wood is also an eco-sustainable material, since being totally natural, at the end of its life cycle it can be biologically degraded, without damaging the environment; gazebos for wooden gardens need constant maintenance in order to always be at their best shape and presentability. Thanks to its ductility, the wood can be decorated according to everyone’s needs with inlays of various kinds, to customize it according to one’s tastes; the wood used for garden gazebos is usually solid wood, that is the wood that is taken directly from the trunk of the trees and is more robust and resistant, ensuring greater solidity to the gazebo.

Another material widely used for garden gazebos is aluminum, a light but very resistant material, very ductile and malleable, allowing it to be worked with extreme ease; it is highly resistant to corrosion by acids and any other type of corrosive agent and, moreover, it bears well the attacks of atmospheric agents, as its molecules make it immune to rust. For these reasons, aluminum is suitable for any type of outdoor construction and is also highly recyclable, in fact the production waste is used directly for other buildings, safeguarding the health of the environment.

Even PVC is configured as a material suitable for the construction of garden gazebos and represents a material of recent production, but which has enjoyed considerable success in the field of windows and other furnishing accessories. It is very resistant and suitable for outdoor constructions such as gazebos, because it is able to withstand sudden changes in temperature very well; moreover, the PVC hydrophobic and shuns humidity, managing to remain intact throughout its use. The maintenance of PVC gazebos is very minimal, as they can be cleaned only with the help of a damp cloth that allows you to remove stains; PVC is also a thermal and acoustic insulating material and allows you to save on heating in winter and air conditioning in summer. Although it is a material derived from petroleum, it is actually eco-sustainable, as it can be recycled when it has completed its life cycle.

Finally, another material used in the construction of gazebos for gardens is wrought iron, ideal for decorating your gazebo in the best possible way, in fact the most ductile material and suitable for creating particular and personalized decorative motifs, allowing you to create gazebos in harmony with the architectural style. of the house and the whole garden. Wrought iron requires a lot of maintenance to be able to always keep itself in shape and shiny as in the moment of the first installation.

GAZEBO FOR GARDENSThere are also many models available for garden gazebos, in fact it is possible to choose between the fixed ones, suitable to always remain in the same place for their entire duration, but there are also folding ones, useful for people who often want to change the position of the gazebo in the garden. inside your garden. The folding gazebos are equipped with special hinges that allow you to close and reopen easily; there are also different shapes of gazebos, from the most common quadrangular, hexagonal, to octagonal, to meet the needs of every person who needs a gazebo for the garden.

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