The gate is the front door of the house and as such it must always give an idea of ​​the style of the house to which it introduces, trying to respect the style and the prevailing construction material. The models of gates are really many but we can make a first distinction based on the construction material, differentiating wrought iron gates from steel gates and iron gates. Secondly, in addition to the construction material, we can differentiate the gates into manual gates and automatic gates, now more and more widespread, and further differentiating we can distinguish between sliding gates and swing gates. Depending on the space available, the type of house and personal tastes, we can choose our gate model and to consult descriptions that explain how it works, … continue

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continue …, features, costs and maintenance of the different models consult this section of Cancelli you will find everything you need to get an idea of ​​which model will be able to meet your needs. They represent the gateway to houses with gardens and avenues with and without trees. The description refers to the gates, structures and furnishing elements of great aesthetic impact. On you will find a section dedicated to gates, their functions and the most used models. Each gate performs the function of protecting the entrances of houses with gardens and enhancing the external facade. Decorative and practical function almost always merge in the gates, which, based on the materials with which they are made, are able to integrate perfectly with the other elements of the building. The gates are in fact made of wood, steel, iron and wrought iron. Based on the operating modes, swing, overhead, sliding, automatic and manual gates are also distinguished. All the characteristics of the gates are described in the contents of our section. The in-depth reading of the various articles allows you to get an idea of ​​the gates to use and choose. Generally, the choice of a gate is almost always based on one’s aesthetic tastes and on its ease of operation. Another not negligible detail in choosing a gate is safety. For this reason, gates with overly pointed or protruding bars should be avoided. The news cases often give us back the tragic events of children who, climbing on the bars of the gate, were seriously injured. Let’s leave out the other more tragic examples, because the wounding of a child is already a great tragedy in itself. The gates must therefore be made according to the highest standards of practicality and safety. The choice of model or material is not important, as long as it is integrated with the notorious safety of use. If a gate is secure, it can be chosen in wood or metal. Wooden gates fit spaces that always feature wooden fences. With these gates, the exterior of the house takes on a very country style. The wrought iron gates find space in historical and noble residences, while in the entrances of modern houses the steel gates are fine. Depending on the material, the maintenance and cleaning methods of the gate also change. For information on the operating methods, costs and maintenance of the gates, it is however advisable to consult the articles in our section. Impossible not to make the most of the advice obtainable through this new section, thanks to which the world of gates will no longer be a mystery to you. Our goal, in fact, is to make you always be first in being constantly updated on the main news that this market will be able to offer.Only in this way you can always be sure that you have made decisions in absolute awareness and that you have obtained all the information necessary to say that you know the best types of products such as those represented by iron, wrought iron and sliding gates. In short, you can’t really miss this new opportunity.

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