The gate is the only element that allows access to a fenced property, it can be chosen of different materials and with automatic or manual opening.The gate is an integral part of the fence and represents a rather important element as it is the one that immediately jumps to the eye of the beholder. The gate is usually chosen in the same material as the fence, in iron, wrought iron or steel. These are always quite strong materials, which show unlimited durability.

gatesIron is a material that deforms only due to a rather violent impact and in some cases it may also be necessary to replace the gate. The gate made of iron in most cases is left in its natural color but you can also choose to paint it with any color. The gate pattern can be simple if you want to have a rather strict style or even very elaborate if you want a more eye-catching style.

Orienting yourself on the wrought iron gate you are sure of having a gate that is unique of its kind, because the working of wrought iron, among other things now very current, is handcrafted and this requires greater commitment and particular skill on the part of the craftsman. Wrought iron can really take on any shape and differ considerably from what is a process linked only to the most classic models. By focusing on a wrought iron model, you are aware of having to bear a higher expense than the cost of a traditional gate. The process is certainly longer and more complex and also requires a certain skill on the part of those who engage in this work. The choice of wrought iron assumes that the gate remains the same for a long time, as it is also a material that never goes out of fashion.

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If once any type of gate had manual opening only, today it is also possible to choose the version with automatic opening. Manual opening has several disadvantages: you always have to get out of the car to open the gate and this becomes even more annoying during rainy days. Automatic opening can be achieved through a simple remote control that opens the gate as it is connected to a motorized system. The gate can also be opened directly from inside the house, by connecting the gate opening directly to the intercom. Today it is possible to choose between these two possibilities and perhaps decide to have the automatic opening only of the gate for entry on foot rather than also for the one for entry by car. It is basically a choice of the customer who will decide based on his personal needs.

The gate can be chosen in the sliding version or with hinged doors, a lot also depends on the space available. When you go to a specialized shop, you can get all the information about the types of gates that can be installed: they exist of every size and every ornamental style. Everyone can decide to attribute a different reason to the choice of the gate: those who particularly care about the aesthetics of their home will certainly decide to orient themselves on models that have a strong visual impact, while those who want to have only a traditional gate will pay little attention to all. these precautions. When you have a gate with manual opening and you want to transform it into one with automatic opening, it is possible to do so by purchasing only the automation and installing it on the gate.

Automatic gates are considered quite safe as they are equipped with devices that immediately block opening or closing when a person passes. It is also possible to adjust the opening and closing speed. Should a fault occur and therefore it is not possible to operate the gate automatically, it will be possible to do so by means of a system that allows manual opening. The gate must be installed by a competent person who can make it effectively stable and who tests its operation. Among other things, should a breakdown occur, assistance is always provided by the same dealer, as well as for any repairs.

Leafing through the catalogs available in specialized stores, you can realize that you can also customize your gate, for example with your initials or with a particular design. The columns of the gate can become another important decorative element that helps to complete the aesthetically pleasing appearance of the gate.

Seize the opportunity that we present to you with the launch of this new section. If you have not yet equipped the green corner of the house with gates worthy of the name, from today you will finally have the opportunity to make a series of decisions in absolute awareness, thanks to the advice you will get in this new section.

Thanks to our staff, more in particular, you will get important advice, aimed at making you identify the distinctive characteristics of the iron gates, those in aluminum, sliding, up to the wrought iron gates. In short, we will not miss anything, in order to make you always be at the forefront of the ideal choice for you. We are waiting for you.

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