Today, the idea of ​​organizing a fantastic barbecue, for a special occasion or for a different meal than usual, is no longer a dream. Thanks to the new gas barbecues, everything becomes simpler and we will finally be able to treat ourselves to wonderful days around the grill, even if we don’t have a garden. The latest generation gas appliances are truly versatile and practical: thanks to the considerable range of models, we can choose to buy a new gas barbecue, easy to install and suitable for the most varied outdoor spaces. Even if we don’t have a garden, we can enjoy an excellent grilled meal by choosing a device suitable for small courtyards, verandas or terraces. The new technology that distinguishes this type of barbecue, not only offers the possibility of cooking light and healthy meals but makes it really simple to switch on the system, without having to spend time tinkering with wood, matches and all the various products ” On the market we find many types of gas barbecues and it will not be difficult to choose the one that best suits our needs: we can in fact opt ​​for a small gas machine, intended only for grilling or we can buy a complete model that , thanks to the wide range of accessories, it will also allow us to prepare roasts, first courses, fries and much more. Let’s not forget that some models, small and handy, can be transported with ease and are also perfect for camping or outdoor trips. Just do a little online research to find an immense range of offers for all budgets and for all spaces.To help us in choosing the most suitable appliance, let’s now see in detail the main characteristics of a gas barbecue:
Gas barbecue

Gas barbecueThe gas barbecue is an appliance consisting of a tub structure, usually in steel or cast iron, which serves to contain the embers and the grill for cooking food. The combustion process takes place by means of a complex of equipment that delivers the gas, burns it and transmits its heat to a diffusion system (normally made of lava stone). Piezoelectric ignition controlled by some knobs positioned on the body of the barbecue; in short, a control very similar to the commands of a normal gas cooker, capable of dosing the temperature and power to optimize food cooking and obtain maximum performance.

Depending on the model, two or more burners can coexist in the same appliance to allow the simultaneous cooking of different foods: we can cook, for example, fish and meat at the same time, using two different grids to cook at different temperatures. two grids: the first, positioned at the bottom, serves to support the lava stone (which has the function of uniformly diffusing the heat produced by the combustion of the gas); the second serves to support the food to be cooked. Among the numerous models that we find on the market, many are equipped with wheels to facilitate movement and the most equipped also have compartments to contain the cylinder and kitchen equipment. The body of the luminaire can be made of steel or wood and it is possible to find models with a classic or trendy design, suitable for any type of environment and requirement.

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Gas barbecueUnlike a traditional barbecue, the gas one is powered by fuels which, as we have already seen, burn and heat materials capable of spreading the heat that will be used to cook the food. In this case, the fuels used to power the gas barbecue are usually of two types: methane or LPG. Methane is the gas normally supplied to homes by the domestic distribution network; LPG gas, on the other hand, is found and purchased in cylinders, available in different formats and capacities. Before buying a gas barbecue, it is important to evaluate the type of fuel that we will decide to use to power it; in fact, the choice of the type of gas conditions the future use of the barbecue in terms of location and duration. The use of methane gas allows a continuous supply of fuel, and this is an advantage that allows us not to have unexpected events related to the exhaustion of the cylinder but, having to connect the barbecue to the domestic distribution network, the position of the appliance will be fixed. , it is therefore necessary to have a very clear and definitive idea of ​​its location. On the contrary, the use of an LPG gas system will make it easy for us to move the barbecue and its transport but we must be sure that we do not have problems finding the fuel cylinders, or have a space available for their storage. Let us also remember that it is necessary to find a position sheltered from the elements, especially in periods of low use

Lately, doctors and nutritionists advise against eating food cooked directly on the fire or on charcoal; the combustion process, in fact, produces toxic and carcinogenic substances that are very harmful to our body and therefore we tend to limit the consumption of grilled foods to once or twice a year. On the contrary, this new type of barbecue allows frequent use, even daily, without any risk to our health. The result of cooking food on the gas barbecue is the same as that traditionally obtained on wood or charcoal but with a great innovation: the lava stone, during the heat diffusion process, does not emit any toxic and carcinogenic substance and this makes the food grilled totally healthy. We can therefore take advantage of the very tasty result of cooking on the grill, eliminating all the disadvantages and contraindications. Using the gas barbecue, the food will be tasty, cooked without adding fat and prepared paying attention to bring out the original flavor to the maximum. Furthermore, its use will be very practical and economical: cooking on the grill quickly and saves us time, energy and gas, leaving out dirt and odors. Once our fantastic barbecue is finished, we can easily disassemble the gas barbecue to clean and wash it, even in the dishwasher.

Gas barbecueYou have correctly and perfectly furnished your garden so that it becomes the place for many special evenings, with friends, family or simply with yourself.

To be magical, a place must have fire, what is better than igniting the imagination of the menu with a barbecue? Leafing through the outdoor furniture magazines you can understand that the barbecue has now become an element of garden furniture; The barbecue allows you to fully enjoy the outdoor space, also organizing the kitchen.There are many types of barbecues, so why choose the gas one? What advantages? The gas barbecue allows you to always have a barbecue available that can heat up in short time.

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