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Spoken essay by Robert Pogue Harrison, originally aired on Entitled Opinions on KZSU on June 20th 2006. It can be found here About Robert Harrison About his book “Gardens: An essay on the human condition”, which builds on the ideas put forward in this monologue and Video Rating: / 5 (Wentworth, NC) – April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. On Wednesday morning, April 1st, the Rockingham County Dept. of Health & Human Services, Division of Social Services, will join thousands of communities throughout North Carolina and the nation in recognizing Child Abuse Prevention month with a pinwheel garden. Local governmental officials will dedicate the pinwheel garden at the flag pole area of the Rockingham County Governmental Center at 9 a.m., Wednesday. The general public is invited to attend at 371 NC 65 in Wentworth. This year, the number of pinwheels planted will represent each child in foster care in Rockingham County. The future success of our state relies on the healthy growth and development of all children. When we work together to ensure their healthy development, the next generation pays it back through a lifetime of productivity and responsible citizenship. With the support of an engaged community and nurturing families, all children can thrive and have the opportunity to grow into contributing, caring healthy adults. When children are abused or neglected, they are in a constant state of stress. In the absence of supportive relationships to help buffer the stress, they can have a toxic stress reaction. We now know that we can prevent abuse and neglect before it occurs. When parents have the knowledge, skills, resources and social support they need, they are better able to provide the safe, stable, nurturing environments their children need to thrive. The pinwheel represents the bright future […]


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