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  • The Happy Gardener 3 weeks ago

    Excellent video My last frost day isn't until June 1st but at least have some blue skies

  • CaliKim29 Garden & Home DIY 3 weeks ago

    Hello Misilla, love how you are teaching your kids where food comes from – precious memories! Can't wait to see your harvest! Thanks so much for sharing the Kid's Seed Collection with your viewers.

  • Natasha Robitaille 3 weeks ago

    Ah I didn't know that about lettuce seeds!
    Awesome video btw

  • PNWgardenergal 3 weeks ago

    All my kiddos enjoyed helping in the gardening 🙂

  • THE APRIL FOOL 1983 3 weeks ago


  • Stephen Mason 3 weeks ago

    Misilla, its still freezing here. I hope to get out the end of this month. I hope to start my seeds soon indoor. See you later.


    i just love her !!!!!!! GREAT VIDEO MISILLA !

  • Wran Ther 3 weeks ago

    You voice is fine and clear Misilla. But those memories with your little one are seeds for both of you to nourish and enjoy! 🙂 -Bob…

  • Zaatar Gardens 3 weeks ago

    Love her hat

  • A Beautiful Nest TV 3 weeks ago

    Oh my goodness! Cuteness overload!