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Hi i’m Hayley, I’m a vegan along with my mum and dad. I’ve been vegan for about 6 months and on my channel I will be talking about what it’s like to be a vegan teen and will also have some recipe videos, gardening tips and general lifestyle videos. Please like and subscribe and feel free to leave any comments or questions. Thank you 🙂 Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsPLANES FOR KIDS VIDEO: Skipper Riley Model Kit Zvezda from Disney Cartoon Toys ReviewJust Kids Career Day CateringVegetable Gardening : Vegetable Garden Ideas for KidsPBS KIDS “Gardening” (2015)Gardening with kidsNational Geographic Kids Cookbook: Gardening

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  • Julianne Thompson 1 year ago

    Hi, we are watching your video from Tanzania, Africa. We are building our own greenhouse out of recycled bottles. We got a lot good tips from your video. Thanks for sharing.

  • Leanne B 1 year ago

    Your garden looks great, Hayley. Excellent tips for starting a small vegie or herb garden :-)