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  • Ontological Motivation

    I think you should cover the plot with the sugar beets with hay or mulch or something to keep the moisture in and protect he soil

  • Victor Baker

    Oh boy I thought you was a better fish keeper then this. Well this is old so I think I'll move forward and see how this goes. Should be an interesting cycle as fish are not humans they produce ammonia.

  • Griff Galante

    Just one pet peeve; Electrical tape will hold drain tile together, fully sealed, if you use it correctly. You have to pull the tape tight every rotation around, creating heat through friction and therefore bonding the tape to itself. No need for silicone.

  • Isaac

    Just wondering, Cody tiled the lawn with the grass and weed, wouldn't weed still grow out of the tiled soil? The seeds should've been everywhere.

  • Jack P

    Nitrogen converting bacteria aren't free floating in aquarium water- they only survive adhered to media. Otherwise UV filters would kill all your beneficial bacteria. Next time take some scrapings direct from your filter. 🙂

  • MisterSean2U

    Erosion of "plastic paint" for lack of better wording, happens quickly. Do what you want thought Cody. I just see water, piss, and whatever else people drink on airplanes corrode aluminum quickly. That's aliodine, primer, and enamel paint. Maybe just use pvc fittings next time if you're concerned about the corrosion factor over just the smallest amount of time. Much love dude, thank you for all of the amazing knowledge you provide to me. I'm not being sarcastic.

  • Jsweizston

    I hope you take care of those weeds because those will end up finding their way into that pipe and strangling your water system in due time. Just a thought I've had but possibly some gravel or crushed limestone might make the difference in keeping the weeds out. Anyone? Am I wrong? On a side note, really awesome system man!

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