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Intro to a project that I really want going again. Other videos on the subject: Help me make videos by donating here: Related PostsGardening With Cody Week 7: Hydroponic System Online!Hydroponics With Cody Week 5: Getting BucketsOrganic vegetable gardening: Week 1 – AsparagusService Learning Week – Gardening Day 1Time Lapse of Chilli Plant Indoor Gardening. Growing in its 7th week | ChilliVertical Gardening – DIY Cucumber Trellis – Week 8

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  • 3dlabs99 1 year ago

    Hydroponics is quite interesting. Pretty cool to have fish in the reservoir. Would be cool if you did a video on how you keep the PH and EC at the right levels.

  • CrankyCoder 1 year ago

    So i am just looking in to hydroponics. Just curious why you filter the particulate with the sock. I thought that would be good for the plants? Isn't that why we put cow manure in gardens and what not? Forgive my ignorance.

  • Laurente B 1 year ago

    Great build Cody!. But what you're doing here is called aquaponics not hydroponics.

  • Jax Zavisha 1 year ago

    this is aquaponics not hydroponics

  • Jax Zavisha 1 year ago

    this is aquaponics

  • Jax Zavisha 1 year ago

    this is aquaponics

  • Ensec 1 year ago

    how do you get the bacteria to convert ammonia into nitrates?

  • Marcos Candido 1 year ago

    what are the lettuce plants in? I plan on starting this project myself on a small scale for one or two lettuce plants.

  • kristian iversen 1 year ago

    can you explain how you set up the oxygenator(if that's what you call it) for the fish ?

  • TheMagicalC 1 year ago

    Cody is set for the apocalypse. Growing his own food with hydroponics and turkeys, generating power with a water generator and gas generator, and likely solar panels, and a bee hive for some luxuries (honey). You can fend off raiders with bottles of nitroglycerin.

  • TheMagicalC 1 year ago

    Could you make that work with fish that eat algae so that there is no need for an autofeeder?

  • Jonathan Toeuth 1 year ago

    With this system, aren't you using blackwater instead of greywater?

  • Jai Sawhney 1 year ago

    This is Aquaponics not Hydroponics

  • Jace Owens 1 year ago

    You should have a bell syphon in the media beds. It would probably help a lot

  • FamfritFW 1 year ago

    I love your vids cody. You're the one who got me started on Aquaponics.

  • bruce kragen 1 year ago

    Hi' I found Bell siphon system ( or some other kind of flood and drain ) to work better than keeping root always under water. It give some time for the roots to dry and absorb some O2. plants are growing quite faster

  • Syazwan Saroni 1 year ago

    but isnt more accurate to call this aquaponics/bioponics rather than hydroponics?

  • Pizza Sub 1 year ago

    You deserve 10 million subs because every one of us learns a new thing when we watch one of your videos.

  • mackjeez 1 year ago

    Come on Cody, we all know you're growing some kick ass hydroponic weed…..;)

  • Gav Art 1 year ago

    2:10 this is some complex shit