Have you lots of old plastic plant pots? Or would you like to create a beautiful flower vase with an old plastic bottle? Don’t waste those old bits of plastic! Up-cycle them into beautiful pots for your plants.

This video is part of our Gardening with Children activities. We at Scotland’s Gardens Scheme love to garden, and we also love to share our gardens and gardening with others. We especially want to encourage future gardeners. Our activities are intended to give parents and carers ideas for gardening projects.

Please do supervise children during all activities. And do visit our website for more ‘gardening with children’ ideas, including how-to videos and project worksheets.

About Scotland’s Garden Scheme: Through our garden openings, Scotland’s Gardens Scheme supports over 250 different charities each year. Garden Openers may choose a charity(s) to receive up to 60% of their open day takings. The net remaining 40% of funds raised at our openings is distributed to our core beneficiaries: Perennial, Maggie’s and The Queen’s Nursing Institute Scotland.

Gardening with Children: How to up-cycle plastic pots

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