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Gardening Tips: Planting Tomatoes All you need to plant the perfect tomato, is a tomato plant, an egg and a banana! Yes you read that right; and egg and a banana!! This video takes you through my method for planting tomatoes in your back yard garden! It includes advice on choosing good tomato plants and how deep you should be planting your tomatoes for the best crop this year! This video is actually an excerpt from my upcoming premium gardening course: How to Find Tomato Heaven!! The course is coming in early May of 2016! This video comes to you from Rick Stone and the blog Stoney Acres. It is part of our ongoing gardening video series called “Grow What you Eat, Eat what you Grow”! Be sure to like and subscribe!! Visit our Blog: For discounts of 25% or more on our Udemy Gardening Video Courses follow these links: Vegetable Gardening Basics Year Round Gardening Seed Starting Simplified PVC Drip Irrigation More Videos in the Eat what you Grow, Grow what you Eat Series! Gardening Tips: How to make Newspaper Seedling Pots Gardening Tips: Warming your garden soil for early spring planting! Gardening Tips: Starting Onions from Seedlings Gardening Tip: Growing Early Potatoes in a cold frame Related Posts“Tower Garden Planting” by Epic GardeningHow To Plant Tomatoes & Peppers into Raised Bed Vegetable Garden in Arizona – Organic Gardening TipsUrban Vegetable Gardening #4: Planting TipsTomatoes Growing Tips with Organic Soil in Vegetable GardenEARN $10,600 BY SELLING TOMATOES – Step 1: PlantingHow to Harvest Your Tower Garden® Tomatoes: Tower Tips

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  • Blake “Daddykirbs” Kirby 1 year ago

    Nice work with the tomatoes. I'm glad you said that bit at the end about the bananas and eggs. I was wondering where that information could be confirmed 🙂 Keep growing!

  • Todd Hyer 1 year ago

    Enjoy your videos Rick