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Amanda McGrisken fought through a mental breakdown and won through gardening – Heres her story. PLEASE LIKE AMANDA PAGE. (GROW FOR THERAPY) PLEASE LIKE HER FRIENDS PAGE AND PLEASE SUPPORT THRIVE MENTIONED ALSO AND FINALLY PLEASE CHECK OUR SPONSORS OUT IRISH PLANTS DIRECT MR FOTHERGILLS SEEDS MORE INFORMATION ON GARDENING BENEFITS 1. Stress-relief and self-esteem A Dutch study asked two groups to complete a stressful task. Afterwards, one group gardened for 30 minutes, while the other group read indoors. Not only did the gardening group report better moods than the reading group, they also had measurably lower cortisol levels. Cortisol, “the stress hormone”, may influence more than just mood: chronically elevated cortisol levels have been linked to everything from immune function to obesity to memory and learning problems and heart disease. It may be more than brain hormones causing higher self-esteem scores for gardeners: there’s no more tangible measure of one’s power to cause positive change in the world than to nurture a plant from seed to fruit-bearing. 2. Heart health and stroke risk Gardening may be just one way to achieve your target 2.5 hours of moderate-intensity exercise each week — but gardening provides a rewarding motivation that makes it happen, unlike a treadmill, which invites associations with hamsters in wheels. A large Stockholm study showed that regular gardening cuts stroke and heart attack risk by up to 30% for those over 60. Raised beds can save the joints and extend possible gardening years for seniors, or for anyone wishing to garden more comfortably. Make sure to expose your limbs (without sunscreen) for just 10 minutes during midday gardening: this will give you enough vitamin D to reduce risks of heart disease, osteoporosis, and various cancers. Those with the lowest Vitamin D levels may […]

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  • Patrick Meehan 11 months ago

    Being close to nature in your own little retreat is the nearest you will get to heaven Bill. Amanda explains this feeling very plainly. Of course , we can't forget the huge health benefits derived from fresh food as well as the fantastic fresh taste.