Added by on 2016-09-07 This is the last of three parts of vertical gardens featured at Flora Grubb in San Fransico. Robin takes us though the ins and out of growing succuclents on a vertical wall. Related PostsGardening Rhythms: Vertical Garden /Succulents Part 1Gardening Rhythms: Vertical Garden /Succulents Part 2Home vertical garden succulentsVertical Gardening Ideas, Green WallsTender Succulents: Part 7 – Mixed Succulent Bowls & PlantersTender Succulents: Part 4 – Crassula Plants

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  • ashelam 1 year ago

    **cut the areas where he was repeating himself for the camera.

  • ashelam 1 year ago

    The gardener was very knowledgeable and kind to give you such full access to his shop. You should include his information in your credits! Also, your multiple credits for writing and editing… was a bit much. The gardener was clearly speaking from his head and personal knowledge, not a script! There was hardly any editing… you didn't even but the areas where he was repeating himself. I wouldn't have liked this video if the gardener hadn't been so knowledgeable!