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Gardening should be inexpensive, easy, productive and no weeds. This video series will show you how you can have a beautiful, productive garden with very little cost. This first video focuses on preparing the garden area before you start planting. This is a very important step and should not be skipped. Having a weed free area before you put in your garden will save you hours and hours of laborious weeding. RESOURCES: – Mittleider Gardening Course Book: – Mittleider Facebook Group: – Mittleider Gardening Method Video Playlist: Related PostsKIDDIE POOL VEGETABLE GARDEN – Week 1: Site Setup & Soil Preparation | Container Gardening | DIYRaised Beds – Cheap vegetable gardening beds – Permaculture Design – Huglekultur Vegetable gardenGardening on the Cheap: Wow! Amazing Garden!“Build a Hydroponic Herb Garden for Cheap!” by Epic GardeningVertical Vegetable Garden in 50 rupees only | DIY | Gardening with Deepa MenghaniVegetable Gardening : Watering Tips for a Tomato Garden

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  • John Payne 5 years ago

    LDSPrepper, I love watching your videos! You are very thorough, detail focused and dedicated to put out all these videos. Is this the only video you have of "Gardening on the cheap" and you are loading more later or are there others throughout your Mittlieder Gardening Method playlist? Also, is it really cheap or is that relative? I am a father of three, still paying off a car and first-time home owner. Is there a big initial cost to start? ?

  • Jeanette Grisham 5 years ago

    Where is lesson 2 on building the soil bed in

  • Sig220Euro 5 years ago

    Wondering how this project is progressing and to see if you have any updates coming on it or your tunnel? Do you plan to build additional grow boxes with T-Frames, like you had in TX, for additional summer crops over your "rock" garden??

  • sioneFM 5 years ago

    I'm gonna do this next year before we start planting. Cool video?

  • Charlie Alexander 5 years ago

    sure have been missing you and ur videos….. i hv learned alot from you.?

  • Platinum IslandGirl 5 years ago

    Hi. Any tips on where I can purchase berry seeds online??

  • Net Man (IBNetMan) 5 years ago

    Looking forward to updates! Love the videos you produce!?

  • sellyy 5 years ago

    As a long time subscriber I just wanted you give you a long overdue, "Thank you very much, and best wishes/god bless from NE Minnesota."

  • R.P. Chiera 5 years ago

    Dear Sir, I want to thank you for such wonderful videos.

  • Mark Thieme 5 years ago

    always so much work when setting up new again?

  • jb pitcher 5 years ago

    Hi, I also live in Idaho.

  • TheItalian Garden 5 years ago

    when are you going to get some more bee hives and do some more beekeeping? =)?

  • one less rat 5 years ago

    think of it this way – you'll be ripped by the end!

  • Ansley212 5 years ago

    1) Remove concentrated minerals.
    2) Till the soil and kill the complex life structure & expose more seeds.
    3) Take out the weeds but leave the seeds.
    4) Unnecessary labor/expense.

    This is the recipe? {sigh}?

  • See Canon 5 years ago

    We also plan to mini garden instead of all boxes. Our utility lines take up five feet of gardening space. But well loosen the clay with peat and pearlite. Thanks for the sifter idea, will use that for mine also. Cute hat wife and long sleeves. No sun for me either. My hat is red, love that red. Good gardening in Idaho, still in Texas.?

  • Sherrie D 5 years ago

    Nice to see you back in a garden!?

  • raskel71 5 years ago

    LDSPrepper, why does your wife have a name tag hanging below her neck min 2:35 0n?

  • bihbgm 5 years ago

    You two always work so hard and make it

  • sparky sparky 5 years ago

    Hay I

  • randude1 5 years ago

    Howdy from N. Idaho!?