Gardening Jobs For December | Prepare for Next Season

Welcome back, a little bit of a shorter video today as there aren’t actually all that many jobs for the month of December! If you are new here or are yet to, please make sure you like, comment, and subscribe to help my channel grow!
Happy gardening!

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Gardening Jobs For December | Prepare for Next Season

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  • Alexsysmusic composer

    Dear Owen Harries – The Welsh Gardener! By a chance we found your beautiful and inspiring channel and subscribed! This is an enchanting video about gardening jobs for December! You are so informative! Love gardening, it is so inspiring! Thanks for this great experience! Thumbs up! Favorite vegetable in our Christmas dinner is cabbage ( stuffed cabbage )! We also love creativity, including photographing, composing music and video editing. We would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with our two special videos, the first one is my composition inspired by the beautifully illuminated Budapest, accompanied by Alexandra’s photos from this event: the second video is my gregorian sounding composition inspired by the the film: The Da Vinci Code with the video compilation made by Alexandra: With friendly regards and warm wishes, Alex and Alexandra

  • Jarrah Farkash

    My favourite veg has to be, by far, the Tory pudd. Oops… I meant yorky pudd. It's just the best vegetable by far. Nothing like it. It's always of fine fine quality and I just love it. It doesn't wind me up like my 15 wives, it doesn't scream like my kids, and it doesn't ring every 3 hours like my mum. It's just DIVINE. A great sponking piece-a-stuff that is of up most taste and deliciousness. It gets a 10 on my delicious-o-metre. Mmm nice!!!!! Dont worry Welshy, you get a 10 on my delicious o-metre as well, so don't be jealous. Merry Christmas Welshy, have a great time and grow loads of yorky pudd!!!

  • Debbie T

    Good video Owen! We love sprouts and parsnips, however, I've had the same problem as you this year with sprouts—I ended up with only one plant! Last year they were good. I do have some sprout flower plants though and they seem to be doing well. Really like your new greenhouse!