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Buy Greenstalk Vertical Gardens! (affiliate link so you can help support the Daddykirbs Farm. Thank you.) Use Coupon Code DADDYKIRBS to get up to off! How else can you get 30 deep pockets for planting on about 2 square feet of space? This Greenstalk Garden may not be for everyone, but think about it. You can grow loads of plants in a very tiny space. If you only have a balcony or a patio then this may be something you’d like to consider. The link at the top of this description box will take you to a shopping page to have a look around. Use that coupon code there to to get a little discount to help you get started growing food for yourself! In this video I show how I put the Greenstalk vertical garden together and how I planted it with Strawberries, Carrots, Lettuce and even a Cilantro plant. Gardening In Small Spaces is totally possible when you plan to grow UP in a stackable garden like this. SUBSCRIBE for MORE of the Story: MY GEAR: Check out this video that talks about my gear: Patreon Supporters: ___ Sandy Yager Kristen Teeters Ronald Woodruff Luke Abbott Liv Eva Kjell Håvard Holand Trish Weiner Lise Sørhøy Sally Weiner Cindy Bowman Karen Schmitt Swamper Jeff Selby Amy Quillin Alan Quillin Chris Lambertus H Keith Bowers Martha Anderson Christi Feldewerth Huw Richards Sheelah Kayser Virdie V Reichel Kimberly J Colbert Kat Mohn David Elkins Øystein Holand Monte Turner Mittelstein Mark Stenquist Vanessa A Caraballo Renato Luna GreenStalk Garden – Killian Family Homestead – Goodgame Bees - Better Together Life – J&J Acres – Rob’s Backyard Farming & Aquaponics – Scott Mann – Related PostsVertical Gardening In An Urban Environment – Growing […]

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  • DarkSky-wv 4 months ago

    I just ordered a four tier one. Thanks, and thanks for the coupon.

  • keith krohn 4 months ago

    not bad. you sure a good wind will blow it over?

  • Patricia Kelly 4 months ago

    Thanks, I have a small apartment balcony this system will work well on. I will be purchasing them. Again Thanks

  • stephen salinas 4 months ago

    I cant wait to see how the tower turns out

  • Gayle McArthur 4 months ago

    Maybe I missed it but can you plant or put pots in the very top centre tray?

  • Patrick Meehan 4 months ago

    A brilliant vertical system, Blake. You are going to have masses of strawberries.

  • Brian Kane 4 months ago

    "Over here" – "They" tell us that Strawberries don't like their crowns buried, preferring them slightly proud of the surface.
    I had to look up Cilantro to discover it's actually Coriander.

  • Elizabeth Jones 4 months ago

    I tried using raised bed soil in my greenstalk and it got very compacted and dried out very quickly. So I dumped it out and added half peat moss and some vermiculite (and a few cups of worm castings) – it did much better with the extra additions.

  • Brian Kane 4 months ago

    Reservoir mebbe?

  • Dolly Perry 4 months ago

    Strawberries in that kind of packaging benefit from a soak for 20 minutes. Also make sure that you don't plant the crown too deeply.

  • Paul Otis 4 months ago

    Technical name for the grey watering disk is: "Watering thingy". With Strawberries, aren't you supposed to suppress fruit to promote the plant growth the first year?

  • Morgan 4 months ago

    Only concern is wind blowing it over in a storm.

  • kiltedgardener 4 months ago

    Great review as always!

  • Lucrative 4 months ago

    I only have one season of experience in San Antonio's climate, but the everbearing strawberries that I brought in pots from Florida did ok-ish. Maybe the summer bearing varieties might struggle more because they bear later in the season when it gets too hot? They definitely benefit from some afternoon shade….I found the same goes for my raspberries. Good luck with them, buddy! There's not a whole lot that comes out of the garden better than fresh berries.

  • Eve Phillips 4 months ago

    G'Morning Blake that potting medium looks really nice and light to allow for good root penetration….Hope the strawberries do well….You've lots of empty beds waiting for seeds…happy planting!