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My cannabis plants are almost ready for harvest! They are all in the flush phase and in this episode I talk a little bit about the flushing process. If you enjoyed this video please click that thumbs up button 🙂 This gardening video is for educational and/or documentary purposes and isn’t designed to help or encourage others to imitate. THC Titan’s channel: Interview w/ THC Titan: ★Thanks to my Sponsor!★ CMH grow light kit- ★Gardening products shown/mentioned in this video★ My ebook: CMH grow light kit- 4×4 grow tent- 3×3 grow tent- California Lightworks LED grow light- Bloom Yellow Bottles- Blue Planet Nutrients- Inline fan- Duct- Carbon filter- Humidifier 1- Humidifier 2- 12″ oscillating fan- 8″ oscillating fan- Soil- Coco coir- Perlite- Fabric grow pots- Plastic grow pots- SensorPush temp & humidity monitor- AcuRite temp & humidity monitor- pH Up & pH Down- pH meter- TDS meter- Camera used- Tripod- ★Gardening Education Links★ My How To Grow course!: My How To Grow ebook!: Gardening equipment I use: Gardening equipment I recommend: My website for gardening equipment: My website for gardening education: ★Social Media★ Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: If you are a business and would like to sponsor me, please email: ★Music In Video★ Intro & Outro: Dathan – Feels Right Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsSCROG CANNABIS, NUTRIENT BURN, YIELD PER PLANT – Q&A #1FEEDING NUTRIENTS TO MARIJUANA PLANTS! – BLOOM YELLOW BOTTLES ORGANIC NUTRIENTSCannabis Plants in Flowering Stage! – Weekly Grow Series UpdateMEDICAL MARIJUANA INDOOR GARDEN! – GROWING CANNABIS IN GROW TENTSHOME GROWN CANNABIS HARVEST! – HARVESTING INDOOR MARIJUANA PLANTS3 […]

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  • Mr. Grow It 7 months ago

    I can't believe this is already episode 12 of my grow series! Time flies! The next episode will be the last one of the series and will be the harvest video. It will probably be about 2-3 weeks from now since the plants still need to dry after harvest. I hope you guys have been enjoying my videos so far. My goal is to spread value and make the videos a little entertaining as well. I really don't want anyone falling asleep during my videos 😉 But in all seriousness, your positive vibes really motivate me to keep making videos. So THANK YOU! Cheers!

  • Germinate nGrow 7 months ago

    You're informative and your buds show you know whats up! Great grows as they should be. Thanks for all your efforts.

  • Cliff P 7 months ago

    I am sorry I have another question. I have a ebb and flow 8 bucket system. Flood and drain. I don’t feel like 14 days is ever close to flush because the leaves don’t change any colors? It’s like I have not stopped giving it nutrients!

  • JEDI 512 7 months ago

    Can I use some of your visuals for some hip hop videos?

  • HeavyDutyTraining 7 months ago

    "To us, the concept that flushing somehow changes the chemistry in plant tissue that has been laid down for weeks requires a scientific explanation because that concept seems akin to claiming that the car engine is cleaner after washing the car’s hood. Nutrients are locked in the plant, and an external flush cannot undo the complex biology that locked them in.

    The levels of nutrients concentrated in plant tissue are up to 1,000 times more concentrated than those nutrients in the root zone. One-hundred ppm nitrogen solutions produce plants whose leaves can contain upwards of 10,000 ppm of nitrogen. Since we have established that none of those 10,000 ppm are going anywhere but within the plant, we are looking for explanation of how that concentration is being reduced by a flush to the extent it can affect flavor. We haven’t found it yet."

    "There is no question that flushing removes nutrients from the root zone, so the key question is whether flushing the root zone has any influence on the sensible qualities of the plant’s biomass — in particular, smokeability and taste control."–not-to-flush/

  • Johnathan Campbell 7 months ago

    U got a lottle bit of light burn your leafs are curiling

  • Ovais Ihsan 7 months ago

    in 2 weeks of flushing how many times you giving it water every 2 days and how much you pour out per pot????

  • orhan gül 7 months ago

    hello what should we do to make the plant grow in size? …
    kind is important for being short

  • Charles El Frances 7 months ago

    Great videos, very informative and well presented.

  • Ovais Ihsan 7 months ago

    with coco flushing u do p.h and what about the food flush mr grow?????

  • Mackey 7 months ago

    Sesshhhhhhh Lol !!! Nice feed

  • Prod.Waxman 7 months ago

    Those are some huge buds!

  • Zura Managadze 7 months ago


  • fistfulla nuggz 7 months ago

    Get in touch with subcool420 about the plant in question as he is the breeder and can straighten that out for you. Growers love

  • Jon Williams Jr 7 months ago

    I could use some old tents…lmao… Yeah right

  • Yo Gabba Gabba 7 months ago

    Is ppm the ph?

  • 810 garage 7 months ago

    And that iusse was fix with the male before got out of control shit happen no one perfect

  • Ruby Funn 7 months ago

    fucking respect man! honest, passionate growing

  • Dewbee Dubb 7 months ago

    Mr. Grow It – First off, u have an awesome channel, very informative. Two questions I've been wanting to ask you. First, I went out and bought the same exact fan (Hurricane) after watching your videos. Can you PLEASE show me or explain to me how you mounted it? I read on one of your older videos that you mounted the fan to the board and used rope ratchets to hang the board. How do you keep the board stabilized and unable to move around? With just rope ratchets it could swing back and forth.

    Second, when you flush do you run double the amount of water through the medium just once, then just give the girls ph'd water after for two weeks or do you just give the girls ph'd water for two weeks without the initial, double the amount of water, flush? Does it just depend on the plant and the nutes used? I always just stopped giving the girls nutes and just use plain ph'd water for a few weeks. I've never done the type of flush where you run twice the amount of water, through the medium, except if I see nute burn. I want to know if you do both?