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Need for the hour is to get kids involved in Gardening. I have shared 3 easy steps to start Gardening being a kid. Coco Peat Gardening is the latest soil less and less water method of Gardening. Grow your own Gardens in your Apartment Balconies, Rooftops and Terraces. #cocopeatgardening #terracegarden #hanginggarden FOLLOW ME : FACEBOOK : INSTAGRAM : TWITTER : Video Rating: / 5 Related Posts6 Easy Steps to Successful GardeningVertical Succulent Wall Planter In Quick Easy Steps | DIY Succulent FrameVertical Succulent Wall Planter In Quick Easy StepsMake Easy Homemade Aeroponics System With 4 Simple Steps- Gardening TipsHow to Grow Wheatgrass without Soil in easy Steps at Home Hydroponically Part 25 Easy Steps to Start a Vegetable Garden in Las Vegas or Anywhere

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  • My Dino Buddy 3 months ago

    The end product is beautiful. I enjoy seeing hanging pots in a garden

  • Dear Mummy Blog 3 months ago

    Totally agree! Gardening for kids is such a great stress buster and we love planting and watching things grow x

  • The Fabiolous Channel 3 months ago

    You did a great job here! We also enjoy gardening so really enjoyed this video

  • Elizabeth & Eva TV 3 months ago

    perfect. we love gardening too so watching your tips is really helpful <3

  • Micha Smith 3 months ago

    I just may try this.gardening is very relaxing I see!!

  • the 1Pascuals 3 months ago

    maybe i should try this with my son… this is something he would really enjoy doing…. specially the part where you squish and smash the dirt hahaha…. thanks for sharing … new friend here like #12

  • CamiCakes 3 months ago

    Such simple steps to follow. You should be a botanist, because you definitely have a green thumb!

  • Tiffany Gibson 3 months ago

    Great job! That's awesome that you are learning about gardening at your age. I'm going to show my 9 year old this video and maybe try next spring to create a hanging basket. Thanks for sharing.

  • The Crazy8 Kids & Family Channel 3 months ago

    another great & helpful share hisham,you will be more than prepared as you grow in life!!

  • Micha's World for Kids 3 months ago

    this was a very cool share thanks for the tips hisham,new sub to ur channel#814!

  • Dylan & Kait 3 months ago

    WOw great video! New friends here!

  • Alvieya ABC TV 3 months ago

    Good thing you like to grow plants.. We could follow these steps so we can make our own. Great video.

  • The Fabiolous Channel 3 months ago

    We also enjoy growing our own plants. Great video, big thumbs up!

  • Toys non stop 3 months ago

    It's great to see kids being involved in such beautiful activities! Congrats!