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I am so excited to announce that Marty’s Garden Show newsletter is being widely accepted. Sign up here: The new version of the website is being put together and I have some really amazing news on that subject in the future. We have some good live shows planned and articles in the newsletter. Watch the video to find out more, leave a question down below and share with your mates! Sign up to the newsletter here so you don’t miss out Video Rating: / 5 Massive early Summer harvest! Beetroot, Broad beans, Swiss Chard, Kale. Learn how to garden. Crops to grow in the UK. Harvesting crops in the UK. Gardening UK, Gardening in the UK. Allotment. Home allotment. Growing produce in the UK. Growing your own food in the UK. Gardening in England. Gardening video. Youtube gardening. Growing your own produce. Picking vegetables. Summer gardening. How to grow your own vegetables. Raised bed ideas. Growing crops in a small space. Small space gardening. Growing food if you have a small garden. Gardening on a budget. Gardening for busy people. Growing your own vegetable growing for busy people. Food growing. Backyard food growing. Partial self sufficiency. Gardening education. How to grow food at home. Growing food at home in the garden. Backyard gardening. How to grow food in the backyard. How to grow food in your backyard. Growing potatoes in containers and pots. Growing your own food on a budget. Food growing. Growing food in your own garden. Growing nutritious food. Harvesting your own home grown food. I hope people enjoy the video. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsOrganic Gardening Marty’s Garden is Live Q&AUrban farming, verticle farming for profit. Lesson 3: Compost, watering, seeding, and worms.Container Gardening Grow Vegetable Garden on Patio & Compost in Place EverythingHow […]

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  • martysgarden 1 year ago

    Cheers guys and gals for the support and joining up to the Newsletter. If your not in there yet the link is in the description.
    Truly grateful for the changes and everyone who has been sticking with me here on the show.
    Live show tomorrow guys will send out an email later today on the time I will go live.
    The live show will be a Q&A ask me anything about organic gardening and worm farming.
    Happy Gardening
    Marty Ware

  • Art 'tis Fun 1 year ago

    Your website sounds awesome Marty!!! Can't wait!

  • The Crazy Worm Lady 1 year ago

    So excited!!

  • AnnWith APlan 1 year ago

    Hi Marty. I tried to send you an email, but maybe it didn't go through. Ann

  • Polski partacz w jukej 1 year ago


  • Dangerboy 1 year ago

    I also bought a tayberry pretty recently thanks to you!

  • 10 80 1 year ago


  • first last 1 year ago

    Great video Dan, nice harvest too 🙂

  • suleman mohammed 1 year ago

    Great stuff dan. How are the melons doing?

  • Attila's Garden 1 year ago

    Beautiful harvest!

  • Rhiannon Morgan 1 year ago

    I love cooking but I haven't done anything fancy with my produce so far this year…in fact a lot of it tastes best raw (like baby carrots).

  • Life in United Kingdom with Buds 1 year ago

    I got kale like yours in my garden and once i saw a white butterfly here but i dont think it lay eggs…i saw it floating in the water maybe didn't get the chance to lay the eggs.

  • Kelly David Screen 1 year ago

    Nice one Dan. Your weather looks a lot better than overcast Kendal. If anyone is interested I just picked up a Tayberry from Asda for £3. Bargain.

  • sonicworm 1 year ago

    cabbage whites out in manchester

  • Jacqueline Last 1 year ago

    I went to a boot fair this morning so many people selling there produce, all yours is looking lovely

  • RolandAlkmaar 1 year ago

    Very nice ! i am growing purple and yellow runner beans and they are growing very good in my tiny garden, also growing melons, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, paprika in the poly tunnel, started last year so i got a lot to learn, thanks for the videos !

  • Janie2Shoes 1 year ago

    I saw some lambs quarter in there.