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Growing cannabis indoors weeks 2-6 – In this episode, I show plant growth while in these weeks as well as before and after plant training. This gardening video is for educational and/or documentary purposes and isn’t designed to help or encourage others to imitate. My 2nd channel- Equipment I use- ★Premium Content★ My How To Grow ebook- My How To Grow audio book- My How To Grow video course- Patreon- ★Products shown/mentioned in this video★ EES300 LED grow light (Discount code: MRGROWIT)- SolarSystem 1100 LED grow light- Base nutrients (Discount code: MRGROWIT)- Silica (Discount code: MRGROWIT)- CalMag (Discount code: MRGROWIT)- Bloom Boosters (Discount code: MRGROWIT)- B-Vitamin (Discount code: MRGROWIT)- Seaweed (Discount code: MRGROWIT)- Inline fan- Duct- Carbon filter- Heater- Humidifier- RO System- CO2 monitor- 12″ oscillating fan- 8″ oscillating fan- Soil- Plastic grow pots- SensorPush temp & humidity monitor- Sensorpush WIFI gateway- AcuRite temp & humidity monitor- pH Up & pH Down- pH meter- TDS meter- Timer- Panda film- Mylar- Trellis Net- Light ratchets- Measuring container- Plant clips- Camera used- Tripod- ★Gardening Education Links★ Gardening equipment I recommend: My website for gardening education: ★Social Media★ Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: ★Music In Video★ Longing – Joakim Karud Adventures – A Himitsu Bongo – KV Related PostsHOW TO GROW HUGE CANNABIS BUDS DURING FLOWERING! – GROWING DENSE BUDSTEMPERATURE & HUMIDITY FOR FLOWERING CANNABIS PLANTS! – GROWING CANNABIS INDOORS2.4 LB CANNABIS HARVEST! INDOOR MEDICAL MARIJUANA GROW2.4 LB CANNABIS HARVEST! INDOOR MEDICAL MARIJUANA GROWPeterson Garden ProjectSCROG CANNABIS, NUTRIENT BURN, YIELD PER PLANT – Q&A #1

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  • Mr. Grow It 3 months ago

    I hope you enjoyed the episode this week! I will now be attempting weekly uploads every Sunday moving forward. Key word, attempting 😉 …. I also recently launched a backup YouTube channel in case something happens to this one. That channel will be active and I will be releasing 2-3 videos a week there. Please go there, click subscribe, and click the bell for notifications ->

  • anonconformist 3 months ago

    Who does the DNA test for plant sex identification for you?

  • Ezz J 3 months ago

    Nice vid dude

  • Grow YourOwn 3 months ago

    Another awesome video!! Great content once again!! Great channel and videography!!

  • So roughly how many weeks in solo cup and 1 gal?

  • mathew urand 3 months ago

    jinks proof genetics good for hermies an males, tall stretchy bloody hemp looking things,waste of money, stick with DNA genetics!

  • Jason Schulz 3 months ago


  • Palm Grower 3 months ago

    Look at my first grow)

  • Amanda Cornwell 3 months ago

    I have two LED grow lights… when they are 2 ish weeks old do I use both red and blue or just red?

  • Fit Matt 3 months ago

    Hey what’s up! I’m subscribed and I also bought your book, the audio version, I wanted to see if there was somewhere I can download your cheat sheets? And also, I was curious to why you transplant the seedling into a 1 gallon, then to your final final grow pot. Thanks again!

  • RegionFilmStudios 3 months ago


  • Yea do a tour

  • Sam Bossn 3 months ago

    Rocket league music

  • m mmmaxheadroom 3 months ago

    Lol you said dont judge me.. using the clothes pin! Using cloth pots I use clothes pins, my go to along with long pipe cleaners to train plants, works well actually.

  • ToTellTheTail 3 months ago

    So I can should chop them down only in veg. I want to try to do a sea of gree. I am growing 5 plants. But today while I was repotting them my dog ate 2 of my sticks with the names on it. So I have no clue what is Kryptonite or Chem 91.The one plant has every long and lanky skinny branches and the other just look like a regular cannibis plant. Any help would be awesome. And you have a nice room..I'm only a summertime grower.

  • Ross McCulloch 3 months ago

    Great info as usual