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I will be doing a longer video series called Gardening 101 exclusively on 2nd YT Channel My First Vegetable Garden. It can be searched with a digital table of contents. The series is geared to the first time vegetable gardener. Today’s episode is all about the basics of indoor seed starting. I cover seeds and what GMO, Heirloom, Hybrids and Organic means, basic seed starting supplies, seed starting mix and out of the box grow-lights. Enjoy! Visit my seed shop MFVG tab for My First Vegetable Garden discount seed packages: Here is The Rusted Garden Link to Amazon for Seed Starting & Gardening Supplies Thanks for using my link. It helps fund my garden videos! 0:00 Series Introduction 1:30 What are GMO’s Seeds 2:33 What are Heirloom Seeds 3:30 What are Organic Seeds 4:56 What are Hybrid Seeds 6:44 Pressed Peat Moss Seed Starting Cells – ‘I don’t like them’ 7:47 Basic Plastic Seed Starting Cells 9:30 Basic Seed Starting Mix Tips 10:50 Boiling Water to Stop Fungus Gnats 11:22 Water Trays and Bottom Watering 14:17 Basics on Cool Weather and Warm Weather Crops 15:30 Grow Light Basics – Lumens & Kelvin Ratings Here is the Lights of America LED 4500 Lumens, 5000K 4 foot Shop Light as seen in video Here is the Lithonia Lighting LED 3000 Lumens, 4000K 3 foot Shop light as seen in the video Amazon price will vary as I quoted Walmart in store price. Here is Episode 2 of Gardening 101: Visit The Rusted Garden Seed & Garden Shop: Follow me on Instagram for Gardening Tips, Harvest Updates & Give-Aways: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow to start seeds with the Aerogarden Indoor Garden seed starting kit Round 13 Easy Grow Light Set Ups for Starting Vegetable Seeds […]

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  • Gary Pilarchik 7 months ago

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  • Mel D'Mello 7 months ago

    Thank you so much Gary for sharing your wealth of knowledge …very detailed and very well explained. Enjoyed your video

  • Rhonda Ickowski 7 months ago

    I just discovered your channel! I am new to trying to grow anything. I started a garden this year in my flower bed. I will try to go through all of your videos. I want to learn as much as possible for next year.

  • Gelk's 7 months ago

    Thank you so much for these videos.

  • Jirapan Pitayaprichakul 7 months ago

    Hi Gary thank you for sharing your expert tips&ideas
    … I did transplant my seeding to plastic cups
    … I did water my seeding from soaking them in the water and still try not to water them from the top :p
    … but I have one problem may I please best some of your expertise to help me solve this problem please…. near&around my pots baby plants have this looks like ants but got wings fly around it I did spray it with wood vinegar but it still there and alive …. Should I worry about them???… What is that a sign to tell me about my seeds or dirt that I put in the pot???
    …… thank you for your time…happy gardening Gary…

  • Artemio Beniga 7 months ago

    Is coco coir good for seed starting mix?

  • Agrica LLC 7 months ago

    Great interesting video

  • Chuck Campbell 7 months ago

    Great video Gary. I subbed and will be following!

  • kateymateymusic1 7 months ago

    You make sense! I like people who are real and genuine. Thankyou

  • MayThe4thBeWithYou 7 months ago

    Waaaay too many ads! Otherwise great.

  • Sherry Ebling 7 months ago

    Thank you for this great teaching. I am learning how to start a garden. And this video was great. It helps take away anziety and the learning curve. I'm gonna try this with my son.

  • Mia de Fleur 7 months ago


  • William Harper 7 months ago

    1:48 to 1:52 is great.

  • Elle Markele 7 months ago

    Wow. This is fantastic!!!

  • Electrified 7 months ago

    Organic seeds come from an organic farm with no pesticides and the non-organic are grown at a farm that uses pesticides. So there is a difference the only question is is how well do you trust the company that produces the seed.

  • Rory Christel 7 months ago

    I freaking love your talk about organic labelling. THANK YOU. Someone finally said it!

  • Taramarie 7 months ago

    Thanks, this was very helpful. 🙂

  • Tai Lilly 7 months ago

    Hi Gary. HELP! I tried starting seeds indoors in peat pellets, egg shells, & plastic cups. I place them in a east facing window, until I could set up the 4' – T8 light shelf unit. But I guess the light coming thru the window was not strong enough, so the plants are very leggy. Should I throw them out & start over, or can they be saved? Thanks

  • Marilyn Wittig 7 months ago

    Loved all the info in 1 video.

  • That DIY Couple 7 months ago

    You’re the best Gary! Last year I watched so many of your videos when I first started my vegetable garden. I find them so informative and accessible. Inspired by you, I’m trying to document my setup this year. Here’s my short seed starting video, you’ll see I’ve used the methods learned from you, your grow light setup, and your grow closet. Thanks so much for all your teachings 🙂