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Gardeneire of the South, Mary Katherine Greene, walks us through how to create a vegetable garden even if you do not have a lot of space. Mary Katherine sets up a backyard garden with some soil and lumber for growing tomatoes and cucumbers in a productive summer garden. Video Rating: / 5 John from shares with you his 10 reasons why he has been successful gardening in 117 degree dry, desert heat, when others have not. This episode will be of value if you live in the desert or not as these tips can be applied for every gardener no matter where you live. After watching this episode you will know 10 proven methods to improve your organic vegetable garden whether you live in the desert or anywhere else. Related PostsGardenieres: Sustainable Vegetable GardeningGarden Style “Vegetable Gardening”Vegetable Gardening South Florida StyleSouthern California Winter Vegetable Gardening$30 Bagster 4’x8′ Raised Bed Garden & Summer Vegetable Gardening in Southern CaliforniaLet's Talk Gardening! Fall Vegetable Gardening – Episode 21

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  • hungarian6568 5 years ago

    Why do I grow my vegetables to eat? Because I don't want to eat them loaded with chemicals. Using that feeder is nothing better then go to any store and keep poisoning myself. Good luck with that!?

  • GeetamBodhi 5 years ago

    A BIG hello from Texas, i live in Dallas… And i have been trying to figure out how to make my pepper fruit, i got the seeds out of a very hot pepper that i brought from Nepal. This is my second year trying, last year i had about three fruits…i saved the same plants and it looks like my plants are suffering!!! Temperatures are mostly three digits. I live on the third floor and my peppers are planted on pots. I have an emotional connection with the flavor of this specific pepper… I have a shade cloth installed… They kind of bloomed and all the flowers fell off.., my heart broke into pieces… I don't know what i can do to make them flower and fruit…i desperately need some advise from your fountain of knowledge. Please help. Help help help ?

  • Kurt Lesemann 5 years ago

    Whats the best way to determine I've watered enough Looking to set up a drip system on a timer . I live in Phoenix AZ. And every morning I get up my plants look very unhappy and I water them for about an hour and and again they look not so good come evening so i water again when the sun is going down and once i water them in 30 to 60 minutes they dont look wilted or as stressed .. so I'm going for drip as you explained but I dont want to over water or wast water. thanks :)?

  • Robert Huffman 5 years ago


  • Robert Huffman 5 years ago


  • Robert Huffman 5 years ago


  • Pat McCrotch 5 years ago

    ok so I guess the thermostat in yard lied, and the oven stat I double checked with or the thermistor leads that attach to my meter cause I don't need accurate

  • Maritza Lopez 5 years ago

    Thank you for the tips and I got subscribed !!!! I currently live in Tucson and I want to start my garden over again. I've tried twice in the past and no success but here we go again :-)?

  • GetMeThere1 5 years ago

    Geez, I'm not liking this new ad stuff from youtube…?

  • Pat McCrotch 5 years ago

    how long you lived in vegas homie 1999 it got over 120 for a week?

  • Hissage 5 years ago

    thank you for posting. i live in Phoenix and I cannot make enough compost for my raised garden.Where can I find lots of vegetable /greens

  • Brianna B 5 years ago

    I have seen all kinds of additives for soil, however I have not seen any videos of how much this cost. Will you please let us know how much each bag of additive cost??

  • Garden Sheds Kent 5 years ago

    I perceived that to have a successful vegetable garden whether in a desert or anywhere else, it requires these top 10 tips. I strongly agree with these ideas because I am pretty sure that this could really help our plants to grow very well.

  • amorfini498 5 years ago

    Unsustainable at the very least. You should have an agro forest, growing your veges in the understory of trees and shurbs. ?

  • RedNeck MountainHippie 5 years ago

    John, why dont you use mulch on top of the dirt? holds water, keeps the biology in the dirt alive etc etc.

  • Sean L 5 years ago

    Great info John!! Wish you were in Vegas when I lived there! I am in Reno NV, don't get the high temps like you do in Vegas but we get pretty close. As always, thanks for the inspiration!

  • Rick George 5 years ago

    Armenian cucumbers aka snake melon do pretty well in Vegas, and we had good luck with winter squash down there (except for being attacked by squash bugs!)

  • LOVIE PERKINS 5 years ago

    is it the "love lies bleeding" or chenille plant ? Was it an old Aztec grain ? mine get stunted growth in the sand of Bahamas

  • Tim Brown 5 years ago

    I always enjoy your LV tips since I struggle trying to grow my southern favorites here. I know that you're not big on growing potatoes but you may want to try a small section of sweet potatoes next year…mine are over running everything and the greens are edible…cooked at least, I don't know about juicing. Another new attempt for me this year was lemon cuc's and it looks like they're going to be outstanding.

  • favored1 5 years ago

    Really good info. What I could grow easily in the NE just doesn't grow in the west.

  • stephlopez00 5 years ago

    Love all your videos John! Keep it going. Damn hornworms, haha! U rock.