Outdoor hot tubs are small pools that do not require, in some cases, any plumbing connection. It is enough just to connect them to the mains. They can be heated and transported, and the heating function allows these pools to be used even in winter. If the small size, they look a lot like traditional whirlpools, but they have one more function: the water does not have to be replaced every time, because it is filtered and kept at the desired temperature. It is a space to be dedicated to relaxation and well-being of the body.

outdoor whirlpool

hydromassageThe external part usually covered in wood and the area dedicated to the filter, the pump and everything else completely independent and not made visible. The installation is very simple and does not require constant maintenance, choosing the right accessories completes this space even more. When we talk about hydromassage we refer to a massage performed by means of water jets, which come out of adjustable nozzles, which produce a beneficial effect on our body. The functions of the outdoor whirlpool are managed through a centralized control panel that also allows you to adjust the water temperature and the various filtration cycles. Today, most outdoor hot tubs also associate the energy saving function. Through the thermal insulation it is possible to always keep the tank in operation at a reduced cost. Each individual hydromassage jet can be adjusted, the smallest tub specially designed to allow two people to sit comfortably in it.

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By placing a whirlpool tub outside, two important functions are associated: the possibility of having a mini pool and the convenience of a whirlpool. If you want to use this pool even during the winter period, you need to place a structure around it, perhaps consisting of doors that can be completely opened in summer, to ensure that even with low temperatures you can take advantage of the hydromassage surrounded by the greenery of your garden. The convenience of heated water allows you to stay inside the tub for a long time and without feeling any cold sensation. The tank can be cleaned and maintained without emptying it and does not require the intervention of a technician. There are obviously more or less technological models. The basic model allows you to have a classic whirlpool tub without many other additional functions.

Many manufacturing companies sell their outdoor hot tubs already complete with cladding. Wood is mainly used, as it is a natural element. This external coating makes the bathtub already aesthetically pleasing, so no changes need to be made. Some models are equipped with a step to climb up, others have comfortable headrests with side compartments, where you can place small objects. The most luxurious models are undoubtedly those that also allow you to cool a bottle of champagne, in the special compartment in a corner of the tub; in short, the offer is so vast that everyone can surely find the most suitable model. Outdoor hot tubs can also be sold without lining. In this case, the customer will have to decide if and how to cover the tub.

In recent years, it has been thought of studying a system that avoids adding a cost for the excavation to bury the outdoor whirlpool, since even placed on the lawn, the same tub guarantees a good effect. During the winter, if the outdoor whirlpool is not located inside a covered structure, it is important to empty the tub and cover it. On the market there are also special sheets or closing structures, which allow to avoid the entry not only of rainwater but also of small animals. The costs of outdoor hot tubs vary depending on the model chosen and the functions that the tub itself offers. These mini pools also integrate the spa function. It becomes almost indispensable, for those who have the space available in the garden, not to install one.

Compared to a classic swimming pool, outdoor hot tubs, in addition to associating the benefit of the hydromassage with that of the possibility of cooling off during the summer period, also allow you to take advantage of the small spaces of the garden because their size can also be quite small. The fundamental element for those who do not have the possibility to install a tub that allows more than two people to enter it. Obviously, the market also offers swimming pools and whirlpools for four or five people, to experience this pleasant moment of relaxation and well-being with friends. When you go to a retailer it is essential to bring with you the square footage of the available space where to place the outdoor whirlpool, so that the same shopkeeper can recommend the best model. Every year, small measures improve not only the appearance, but also the functionality of the outdoor hot tubs, to offer an increasingly high quality product.

garden whirlpoolDreaming of relaxing in the garden and making it happen!

Until a few years ago, the whirlpool was a status, an object reserved for a few who, in addition to being able to afford it, had the right spaces at home or in the garden to place it. Today, however, the market offers many solutions for all budgets and for all tastes. From the super-luxury to the mini-pools that can be placed in all the gardens. If your whirlpool tub is inserted in the garden pool there will be no problems. If you want to reserve a special space for it, you will have to plan well the division of the spaces. a quiet and sheltered place in the garden, because it is a moment of relaxation and as such must be lived in maximum comfort.

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