Join us on our garden walk thru week 3. Updates on whats how thing in the garden on producing and what we have planted for the week. Kids join me this week and discover they love carrots from the garden. Thanks for watching. Share this video with someone you think would enjoy it!

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Garden Walk Thru (week#3)| Kids in the Garden

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  • Taletha Ham

    Where did you get the cover material for your garden? love your video and gardem!! Do you use fertilizer?

  • Virginia Horvath

    I would get rid of the morning glories and put up clematis – I didn't have any problems with them spreading beyond the area they were planted (15 years now).

  • Leilani Starkovich

    Hello from southern Colorado~ Move the morning glories! Although they would be stunning in the garden they would spread. Love how the channel is growing!! (New fan as of a few weeks ago… I saw your greenhouse attached to the garden and lit up)

  • Cotting White

    Move them or root them out. Morning glories will grow into a huge mass with flowers…beautiful ones. BUT. They have loads of seeds then get really established quickly and are hard to keep up with. I am in your zone.

  • Tawana Jeffries

    Your garden looks amazing! I’m in Arkansas also . I’m still waiting for my tomatoes to get some color. My granddaughters sugar baby watermelon has so many fruits on it. How close did you plant your okra? Looks like you’ve got a lot planted. Did you post a link to your landscape fabric? Looks so nice. I mixed morning glory and four o clocks on the same trellis since they bloom at different times of the day. Your garden is just beautiful! I have my morning glory in a container so it’s not a problem. I have flowers at the beginning and end of every aisle. It brings me joy. Thanks for sharing!!

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