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Here’s a quick update on how my garden is doing 🌱 See how some of the things I planted in my first garden Vlog ⬇️ have grown! 😊 Garden Vlog 1 UK: Connect with me on: Instagram : Snapchat: Yaniquesharifa Twitter: Business Enquiry: Thank you for watching 🙂 Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow FoodWhy it’s important to learn how to grow your own gardenMittleider Garden Update: Albert & Irene’s Fall GardenCANNABIS PLANTS IN FLOWER – INDOOR GARDENING GROW VLOG UPDATEOrganic Container Garden Update MAY 20th raw food diet vegetable gardening how to plant growContainer Garden Update 1 Harvest Layout Varieties Organic Raw Food Vegetable Gardening How to Grow

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  • romeo lawrence 7 months ago

    we need more videos of you i really enjoy watching it ok yanique

  • Ainsworth Francis 7 months ago

    Good woman

  • Bergkamp VanPersie 7 months ago

    The replanting I do that a lot with pak choice just leave the bottom two to three inches of the pak choi and replant it if you leave one to flower then you get seed pods

  • Bergkamp VanPersie 7 months ago

    Good job just need a couple a acres yu cyaan hungry

  • Patrice Callaghan 7 months ago

    Great job sis. Dem a poison we slowly.
    Edit: WoW, melon too. My favorite.
    All the greens. Well done!

  • nacian Gopie 7 months ago

    Try plant sweet potatoes.

  • Sheryl Green 7 months ago

    girl i am so proud of you, eat what you grow. the Lord is blessing you so much,from 4potatoes to a doz so to speak that blessings your hands are should be real proud of yourself. I too used to plant my little veg garden too,such as callaloo,lettuce,tomatoes,green an sweet peppers and girl i harvest alot. persons from my community an church used to harvest from what i produced. was such an epic feelings for me..God gift and talent to us is just blown away moments. since i reside in Barbados an thinking to start my veg garden again, can't find no good soil yet but soon. can you also explain how you plant the beats? i am iron deficiency so i have to consume beat an green to build my blood level so that would be sweet to plant my medicine in my back yard. it would cause me less an i sure would live longer by eating healthy…God bless you an keep up the wonderful work. best bloggger ever..Love you girl!

  • natalee3230 7 months ago

    Cant wait to have a backyard again to do this nothing like u own vegetables

  • TripleLLLs TV 7 months ago

    you did a wonderful job. now other females can see what its like. big up real yaadie

  • BECKFORD BLACK 7 months ago

    My beetroot fail this year. Well done my girl

  • doll b 7 months ago

    Beautiful garden.

  • Junior Headley 7 months ago

    Am so proud of you

  • Antoinette Lyons 7 months ago

    Beautiful garden, I love the herb section so much.. thanks and if you ever want to visit Los Angeles you will have a tour guide!

  • Shes Irie 7 months ago

    I want to get into gardening but I have literally no gardening knowledge. Your harvest look well nice.

  • Mooneye Marshall 7 months ago

    Hey lovely garden yanique , those beets looks really nice and healthy. They’re also very delicious if you roast them in the oven

  • Ramakan 7 months ago

    Beet roots, redskin potatoes, watermelon, tomatoes!! You are amazing! Your spirit is beautiful! Keep it up!

  • Ramakan 7 months ago

    Beet roots!!!! Well done!!!! I am very proud of you!!