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The garden is taking hold and everything is growing strong. Ive been harvesting lots of Kale, Lettuce and some Radishes. The Peas and Tomatoes have their first blooms. Raised Bed square foot gardening how to start a garden plant tomatoes vegetables Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsGarden Update #4 Red Peppers Tomatoes Raised Bed Square Foot Vegetable Gardening HarvestContainer Garden Update #1 Vegetable Gardening Raised Bed Square Foot Tomato PlantsPatio & Deck Raised Bed Container Gardening Grow Vegetable Garden Food Small Spaces Tomatoes HerbsFull Raised Bed Garden Tour | Vegetable Gardening In Raised Beds UpdateRaised Bed Vegetable Gardening | May Days Garden UpdateOrganic Container Garden Update MAY 20th raw food diet vegetable gardening how to plant grow

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  • Steve Sanders 5 years ago

    Love the wild life sounds in the background.

  • Ebony Lopez 5 years ago

    I love your videos;.)?

  • Sandra Cerino 5 years ago

    Your garden is lovely.

  • flyguy1725 5 years ago

    looking great as usual Bubble!!!! I just got both my gardens planted today…Look forward to seeing more updates!!!?

  • nery colon 1 5 years ago

    That's really nice. Last year I grew lots of lettuce but this year I had no luck. Your plants looks great. Loved and Subbed?

  • Rainbow Gardens 5 years ago

    Cool! I am growing Matt's Wild Cherry too! Everything looks so neat and tidy!?

  • OhHowHappyGardener 5 years ago

    Wow… What do you do with all that Kale? Your garden looks amazing! ?

  • Maria T 5 years ago

    I have garden envy for sure! Yours is so neat and organized, love it. Funny how your cat strafes you with sideways walking. so cute!?

  • Ralph Ledesma (OneMansOpinion) 5 years ago

    Wow everything looks awesome.Thanks for sharing!!!?

  • delsurf71 5 years ago

    Good looking garden you have there.

  • LARK'S GARDENS 5 years ago


  • eyesdatsee 5 years ago

    So very nice and do you fertilize??

  • MrChipGardener 5 years ago

    Really nice start you have going. Very good use of space!?

  • superslyfoxx1 5 years ago

    Wow! Your garden looks so far along. Everything looks beautiful and huge already.?

  • Mumbai Balcony Gardener | Avid Life Observer 5 years ago

    Most organized and neat flourishing garden , pleasure to watch as always! Awaiting your tomato and pepper harvest updates!?

  • skittles99 5 years ago


  • MIgardener | Simple Organic Gardening & Sustainable Living 5 years ago

    WOW! Your garden is going crazy! I am so happy to see you still uploading videos, your gardening style never gets old. Keep up the amazing growing buddy!?

  • Tracy Bruring 5 years ago

    great garden and garden kitty?

  • Chandra Denise 5 years ago

    looking great. When did you start. Im in florida, zone 10. How would i know when to start??

  • Alex NC 5 years ago

    Looking good man. If you are near me, Raleigh, then I bet you saw an explosion in growth the past week with hat rain we had. I just started getting baby tomatoes, and the sugar snaps are putting out tons of pods. Though, your peppers look a lot fuller than mine … what date did you put yours in the ground? I think I put mine in too early and got a little nipped. They are coming back now though with the wet warm weather we had last week. My kale is going nuts, especially the red russian. I already have more kale and lettuce than I can handle … which is a good thing